Unreal Engine Livestream - The Art of RoboRecall - Oct 19 - Live from Epic HQ


Jerome Platteaux, Art Director of Robo Recall, will discuss the process of evolving the ten-minute demo that was “Bullet Train” into a full game. He’ll talk about what choices were made for the design of the robots, environments and weapons for Robo Recall. We will also cover the optimization of our assets, the setup of our lighting, and the tricks we used to develop the look we wanted in VR.

Thursday, October 19th @ 2:00PM ET Countdown]


Jerome Platteaux - Art Director - @Feaneroh](
Amanda Bott - Community Manager - @amandambott](

Share any questions you have for us in the comments below and we’ll try to get them answered on the livestream.


The slides from the presentation are available here.


QUESTIONS : is it using some of the same tricks as the “Slowdown” demo, like the blob shadows? Are you using static lightning only? Is there enough in the Robo Recall Mod Kit to answer myself those questions :wink: ?

I will not make it to the live stream, but I’ll look at it asap :slight_smile:

Hi Amanda and Jerome.
Will it be possible to release the “Bullet Train” demo and the assets for free to the community because there is still a lot to learn from top quality vr project.

Hello \0/
Sorry for my english :frowning:

how you deal with totally black skeletal meshes in game with only static lighting? or you use statitonary lights for global lighting? by the way - when defered render get better when forward render (dynaminamic shadows/lights count)

Awesome game and awesome art direction! One of the most fun game currently released on the rift, great work.


  • Do you plan to make it coop or even multiplayer at some point? Or do you plan to let the community do it?
  • Do you plan to make another type of locomotion? Teleportation works great but the ability to move freely in the environment would be awesome as an option for those who don’t suffer vr sickness.

Will this be available for replay?

Is there anywhere we can download the slides?

Just got the archive up - :slight_smile:

I’ve asked Jerome if he’d be willing to share them. I’ll let you know!

This was a great talk - a lot crammed into an hour and an awesome jumping-off point to poke through the Robo Recall modkit. Super useful - thanks!

@dmhwtn His slides have been added here! :slight_smile: