Unreal Engine Livestream - Tech Art with Chris Murphy - October 3 - Live from HQ

Epic Evangelist Chris Murphy returns to share his latest adventures with shaders, procedural landscapes, and fully scaleable buildings. Follow him on twitter for a preview of these projects and tune in on Twitch or YouTube for a full live walkthrough!

Thursday, October 3 @ 2:00PM ET - Countdown


Chris’ Twitter

Chris Murphy - Evangelist - @highlyspammable](http://twitter.com/highlyspammable)
Victor Brodin - Community Manager - @victor1erp](http://twitter.com/victor1erp)

Tech Art with Chris Murphy | Live from HQ | Inside Unreal - YouTube

@HighlySpammable @VictorLerp

Could you guys please touch on what’s possible out-of-the-box (using existing tools and Blueprints; no C++) and what’s not when looking into building a procedural open world with UE4 (by “procedural” I mean having a heighmap based terrain predetermined, but generating/populating “biomes” over the terrain and adjusting material on the terrain according to “biomes”) ?

Also wondering what’s coming to UE4 in the nearest future (4.24 - 4.26) to improve procedural open world workflow.


I’d be awesome if Chris could show the landscape VT sampling example he tweeted on Sept 9th.

Motorsep, I’ve got a handle on all of that stuff, feel free to drop by my channel any time when I’m live and I’ll walk you through the grass node for procedural foliage, procedural forest generators, slope based landscape materials, biomes, and performance with large open world stuff

I’m excited to hear about procedural landscape generation! If you can show us how we can make procedurally generated heightmaps and create landscapes dynamically at runtime, I’d uh… I’d like that very much, yes.

When i find asset’s for thet tutorial ?

Thanks! What channel would that be ? Also, I am at day job most of the time, so it’s highly unlikely I’ll be able to catch you live and ask questions then :confused: Do you happen to have a Discord chat ?

Amanda mentioned a discount or download code for “Daymare 1998” before this live stream started but I never heard them mention it.

sure do, it’s at Is and Isn't LLC

a few friendly people who can help and I’ll be sure to answer any questions you have that I can answer