Unreal Engine Livestream - Summer #ue4jam Results - Sept 20th - Live from Epic HQ


The Summer #ue4jam results are in! Join us this Thursday to see what games we thought escalated the quickest and had that extra level of charm to win us over to become our finalists.

Thursday, September 20th @ 2:00PM ET - Countdown


Ben Mears - Games Community Manager, SideFX - @The_BenMears](
Amanda Bott - Community Manager - @amandambott](


Due to weather concerns, i.e. Hurricane Florence, the Summer #ue4jam results will be postponed until next week, on September 20th. Sorry folks!

Hopefully the Hurricane will miss you guys. Stay Safe Yall!

Be Safe!
Path should swing down this way into SC & die down some but hurricanes are so unpredictable on the east coast ! & the water they dump has no where to go on NC or SC coast causing a lot of flooding !

Good Luck up there Epic !

do what you have to do and take care of whats important… stev :slight_smile:

It would be good if we saw the rating out of five for the three judging criteria on I wanted to see how awful my entry was…:o

I think this page will eventually be updated. Top ranked games in the 2018 Summer #ue4jam -