Unreal Engine Livestream - Streaming Textures and Videos in UE4 - Sept 27 - Live from Epic HQ

Have you ever wanted to dynamically update content in your UE4 project, like textures and videos, but have no idea where to begin? Maybe you wanted to allow your users to upload a custom image or clan tag for their character? Well, you are in luck! In this week’s livestream Epic Games Senior Technical Writer Sam Deiter will not only go over how to set this up, he will also show you how you can use an online cloud storage provider, such as Dropbox or Google Drive, to host the content.

Thursday, September 27th @ 2:00PM ET - Countdown


Sam Deiter - Senior Technical Writer - @Sam_Deiter](http://twitter.com/Sam_Deiter)
Amanda Bott - Community Manager - @amandambott](http://twitter.com/amandambott)

Streaming Textures and Videos in UE4 | Live Training | Unreal Engine Livestream - YouTube

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Hi, there will be a way to stream video from a folder on mobile instead of playing from cloud?

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See this to get more details about the keys. [TABLE]