Unreal Engine Livestream - Sequencer Updates in 4.17 - August 17th @ 2PM ET - Live from Epic HQ

Unreal Engine 4.17 brings many new updates to Sequencer, our non-linear cinematics tool. The development team is coming on the livestream to talk about what’s new in Sequencer and a few techniques we leveraged to build the Fortnite Launch Cinematic Trailer created in UE4 and played back completely in real-time at Siggraph.

Thursday, August 17th @ 2:00PM ET Countdown]

Amanda Bott - Community Manager - @amandambott](
Max Chen - Lead Cinematics Engineer
Andrew Rodham - Senior Tools Programmer

Questions about Sequencer? Drop a comment below!


Great! looking forward to it!

Sequencer is looking awesome & love the Fortnite Trailer.

This should make a great stream! :smiley:

Awesome! I’m really looking forward to the stream!

Gonna check out the stream for sure.

Question: Are there any plans to add the live previewing part of the 4.17 Live Editing of Animation Blueprints feature to Sequencer so you could hook up a character into Sequencer and drive cinematics using an anim BP with states, variables and input events instead of dragging and dropping animation sequences?

I think this would make creating gameplay cinematics a lot easier, as well as procedural animation.

If I understand correctly, you want to program the timing of blending between animations in the anim tree.

If that’s the case. You could use the sequence recorder to create your character animation tracks. It records anything an actor does during Play, so if you’ve programmed a bunch of timed states, it would give you a baked out track of that motion. This is less useful for procedural animation but could be a useful workaround in the interim.

Best of luck :smiley:

I know, but it doesn’t work properly, at least when I tested it. Also I would need to put in animation sequences in Sequencer anyway which is not what I want. I want event driven animation instead. I’m looking for a perfect match between the anim BP and the output in Sequencer, so if I wanted to re render a shot, I would just update the animations in the anim BP and the Sequencer version would update automatically.

Perfect timing! I was about to check it out, so I will wait for the stream!

I would very much like to have tutorials in Portuguese and video tutorials with subtitles in Portuguese as well. The material that I have accessed on the internet for learning in Portuguese are obsolete:(

Hey, Chance: Will the Fortnite Trailer project be released, like the Kite Demo project?

Yes Please!

they said that they couldn’t release the actual Fortnite Trailer Project but would try to put a Learning Resource together for Sequencer & also it’s use in UMG as well later, if they can.
(but no info on when or what etc)

pretty boring and useless video for those who actually want to see what is IN 4.17. considering the big change to sequencer over keyframes which caused issues for me, id figure for an hour video theyd have a detailed IN ENGINE walk through over the changes. NOPE just a bunch of bloody talking heads, I already said this was an issue years ago when unreal engine 4 first came out, its NOT helpful and maybe some people will like listening to them drone on and on, but its completely useless for those who are just learning the engine who would like to see whats actually changed in the update.

Unfortunately, there are no plans to release that content.

is there a replay of this I could not find one. Or does anyone know a place where the new sequencer features are described (other than the release notes) ?

I guess this is the replay in question: Twitch

Hi, you can watch the broadcast in full on YouTube now as well:

do you guys plan to release the animation workflow like the high fidelity cinematic rig?

can’t find “Run Constr Script in Sequenser” (( in the video this setting is visible, but in my bluprint not (( (UE4.17.1)