Unreal Engine Livestream - Physics Asset Editor Updates in 4.18 - Oct 26 - Live from Epic HQ

Charles and Tom will show off our Physics Asset Editor (formerly known as PhAT), which has been completely overhauled to significantly improve usability and expand functionality! The UI has a new look and feel with an upgraded Skeleton Tree view that provides better filtering and display of all scene elements and a new Graph view for setting up constraints between bodies visually using nodes.

Thursday, October 26th @ 2:00PM ET Countdown]


Charles Anderson - Lead Technical Animator - @](
Thomas Sarkanen - Senior Programmer - @tomsarkanen](
Amanda Bott - Community Manager - @amandambott](

Share any questions you have for us in the comments below and we’ll try to get them answered on the livestream.

Cannot wait for this steam! There have been a couple physics asset projects I wanted to work on, but decided to wait for these new updates since they looked awesome.

Can you cover the changes (if any) that the new physics asset editor makes to the process of setting up a vehicle?

Thanks this looks awesome! I’ve had alot of trouble with this feature and it would be great to know more! Thanks guys

Woohoo! Finally, can’t wait :smiley:

Question: Is it possible to mirror bodies now without getting some weird rotation? Or any other way of doing that, for example copy/pasting the nodes (if that’s possible).

Another question: Is it possible to scale bodies at runtime? (for example for characters using morph targets to alter the body)

Mirroring/copy pasting is something I’ve been waiting for too. I hope it’s in this release or at least planned now that the physics editor is being updated. Excited for the stream!

like it doesnt work with cloth

Sounds awesome! but im worried about having to re-set up a whole bunch of detailed physics assets if things do not update in an “existing project friendly” way :stuck_out_tongue:

(Im working with an accurate human body model, organs muscles bones… the lot)

Could be a lot of work… though im sure it would be worth it, Epic standards and stuff :slight_smile:

Mirroring has not changed for this release, it is planned for improvement in the next few releases though.

Copy/paste also hasnt had much love in this release (although we have fixed a few crashes with it), again we are are wanting to continue to improve the tool now we have laid the groundwork with 4.18.

It is, but right now I believe you would have to write some custom code that interacted with PhysX more directly.

All assets should work fine in the new tool - the underlying data and simulation has not changed.

  • Could you demonstrate how to setup a vehicle correctly also with suspension basics?

I had issues in a project that for some reason wheels with physics constraints were not attached to the body.

lol xd

Can anyone recomend something simpler, like for example, using the VR motion controller template, and being able to punch at characters and having the body part you punch react like it was hit? This video seems nice, but I’m not looking for anything big like animating a complex ogre. I keep trying to buy solutions on the market, but I can’t seem to find anything that does something this simple, they all seem to be addressing advanced systems, which as I explained I don’t need really. Thanks!