Unreal Engine Livestream - Optimizing Your Game - Sept 14 - Live from Epic HQ


When developing any type of project in UE4, trying to maintain a target framerate of 30, 60 or even 90 FPS without sacrificing the quality of the visuals can be a real challenge. Epic Games’ Sam Deiter will share with you some tips and tricks that you can use to make sure your UE4 projects maintain the framerate you’re striving for. From things to consider when you are building your Textures and Static Meshes to different ways to track down performance problems, Sam will share a plethora of performance and optimization tips and tricks with you. If you have a poorly performing UE4 project and you are not sure how to figure out what is going on, then this is the live stream for you!

Thursday, September 14th @ 2:00PM ET Countdown]


Sam Deiter - Sr. Technical Writer - @Sam_Deiter](
Amanda Bott - Community Manager - @amandambott](

Toss any questions about game optimization below! We’ll try to answer them during the stream.


Awesome! Definitely something that gets asked a lot, due to lack of documentation. But there is this great tutorials series: that just covered it a few months back (GPU side). CPU side is also an issue.

Any chance you will be covering Session Frontend also?

Although this does look more for the GPU side of things, couldn’t hurt to drag someone for the CPU stuff. If not could be another fantastic stream for another time.

Oh, I suppose going over any VR optimizations tips, or if there’s really any difference between VR/Non-VR when looking at the GPU profiler would be good also.


This is a worthwhile topic!

I especially need VR info!!! I only have 20 ai in my vr game (which all low poly and bare minimums for visuals) because the frame rate is all over the place! In an empty level with just a plane, a nav mesh, and 60 wandering AI I only got 40-50 fps at 20ms. That is absurdly subpar. My Ai uses behavior trees and a simple move to component. How could that possibly suck up so much resources on a top of the line computer?

Make sure to set up LOD’s for your enemies =)
With my old system i had a VR demo with 40+ zombies walking around and it ran at 90fps. Adding LOD’s made a lot of difference in terms of performance. (I had a GTX 780, i7-2600k, 8GB ram)
But yeah, start with running Stat unit to see what’s really taking up a lot. Or tune in to the stream I guess =P

I would appreciate some infos on optimising huge photorealistic VR environments :slight_smile:

I would also like to learn more about Light Map optimisations, Texture resolution impact on performance and over all tips and tricks as well as to things to watch out from the beginning of the project.

Awesome, looking forward to see this.

Just want to give an update on the countdown timer that it’s not the exact time…

According to my screenshot it should already be up (see attachments)

Hiya, the countdown website is automatically placing the time zone to your time zone (Amsterdam). If you click the link you can update it to North Carolina in the US and it should give you an accurate countdown at that point.

Funny, is doing the same thing for me (Spain)

Been waiting for this long time.

Hmm. I think i’m going nuts. Wasn’t this supposed to be about new shader stuff in 4.17? Or is that another day?

What happened to the shader plugin streaming?? There is literally no documentation about it

That’s not entirely true. You can find some basic documentation about how to do this here,

Another vote for VR specific optimization.

Is it gonna happen or did something change? It seems the UE channel on Youtube is not live

Thanks, havent seen it. But since it is new feature and an “advanced” one, I still vote for a streaming to know some tips and solve doubts.
Its supposed to be other day or it was completely discarded?

always a good & informative stream with Sam on. :wink:

i would say also go over foliage optimizations and use issues between paint tool, proc foliage tool and using nodes to populate (like grass node in material).
Plus, minus, how to optimize better. Maybe how it was done in kite demo, since, those trees are REALLY high poly, but, seem to function ok (system depending of course).
Just go over the different ways to use the tools, best practice, and when to use X tool over Y and Z tool …

It was originally a Shader stream, but Marcus had an urgent meeting. Sam was gracious enough to jump in for today :slight_smile: