Unreal Engine Livestream - Media Framework 4.18 Preview - Sept 28 - Live from Epic HQ


In this livestream, Epic’s Wes Bunn walks us through some of the changes that are coming to the Media Framework tools in the 4.18 release, which you can start to experiment with using the 4.18 Preview 2 build available now from the Epic Games Launcher. We take a look at the media creation process, media sources, Blueprint integration and discuss tips and tricks when working with media in Unreal Engine 4.

Thursday, September 28th @ 2:00PM ET Countdown]


Wes Bunn - Sr Technical Writer - @wes_bunn](

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This is going to help play movies in VR :slight_smile:

Is there any plan to support the reverse; 360 capture (or updating the K&L unsupported plugin)?

I am DESPERATE for a way to output the render window to a professional output card like a Blackmagic Decklink. With all the new development work taking place in the field of realtime compositing etc is this something I can expect?


A captura de 360 ​​vídeos é incrível…

Still wishing for a way to bring in image sequences with alpha to composite and render with sequencer. Rendering out video textures now with sequencer causes a frame rate mismatch.

I’m looking forward to.

This has been my absolutely most wanted for a long time! I believe it was last year when first hints were made about it?

As much of the Framework gets rewritten, it will hopefully be robust enough to support future video improvements as well. 4K ain’t all that much for 360 VR. It would be great to use higher resolution when, or once, the hardware supports it (e.g. Android and h.265).

Finally!! Maybe you can explain which is the best encoder to create a 360 4k video that plays smoothly in ue4, mp4 h264, h265 support? Wmv?

I just went onto twitch to have a look at this stream and there are 3 of them?!? Which is the one I want to watch?



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nice game GGGGGG

I really want to know when the next Game Jam is?

Hey! The archive is up if you’d like to watch the video and haven’t yet. Apologies for the delay.

The Epic MegaJam is November 2-9! Check it out - Announcing the 2017 Epic MegaJam - Unreal Engine

I have one question: I want to reproduce the webcam streaming shown in the video. In the Mediaplayer I can find and select my webcam as shown (select video capture device). But there seem to be two streams. By default stream 1 is displayed which is just black. If I choose Track 0 (PlayBack Options -> Tracks -> Video) the webcam stream is visible as expected. So how can I choose this track in BP? Any hint?
Webcam: Logitech HD C310
[Edit] If I use the Select Track node this doesn´t help, the correct URL is displayed

Hi I want to ask a question that How do I record a video in run time ? like press “1” key to record 5 seconds game to a video , and then in sometime to play it