Unreal Engine Livestream - How to debug your game - June 20 - Live from HQ

There are many wonderful differences between game developers, but there’s one thing we all experience; things break. When they do, knowing how to troubleshoot is essential. On this week’s livestream, Sam Deiter will sit down and explain workflows and tools that can reduce the time spent troubleshooting your project.

Thursday, June 20 @ 2:00PM ET - Countdown


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Sam Deiter - Instructor - @Sam_Deiter](https://twitter.com/Sam_Deiter)
Victor Brodin - Community Manager - @victor1erp](http://twitter.com/victor1erp)

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I’m looking forward to this one! If Sam has any tips and tricks for using the Visual Studio debugging tools to step through code, I would appreciate hearing them.

I often run multiple instances of a game to test multiplayer, and have a hard time attaching to each process. Spamming the log works, but I’m curious if there are better options. c:

always a good subject for a stream & with Sam should be even better ! :slight_smile:

Could you please cover also Android Studio/VS for mobile project? That’s would be awesome to see how to setup everything as the docs is lacking a bit on the topic (I didn’t succeed in getting evrything setup properly following the docs).

[USER=“868”]Sam Deiter[/USER]

Could you say something about debugging of construction scripts? For me, this is the most challenging due to the fact that breakpoints cant be used and good ol’ print string’s usability is limited (too much spamming due to running instances). This makes debugging complex logic in construction scripts almost impossible.

I do a lot of paramterisation with child actor components in the construction script and oftentimes you are compeletely in the dark as to why certain things do not work. Then I usually end up migrating logic to after “even begin play” just to find out what is wrong so I can move it back to the construction script.

Thanks and sorry for this late post. I hope someone will see : D

I would suggest debugging it inside an empty map with only one instance of the object (to reduce print string spam). You can also spawn the object using a simple Actor that spawns the actor you’re trying to debug on BeginPlay. Your breakpoints will work in the construction script that way!