Unreal Engine Livestream - Getting to know Cinematic Depth of Field - Sept 6th - Live from Epic HQ


In this stream, Tim Hobson will go over some of the key components to working with the new Cinematic Depth of Field method using Cinematic Cameras in UE4. We’ll take a look at the core settings that affect Depth of Field through examples using the Cinematic Camera and Sequencer along with cover some debugging and optimization techniques.

Thursday, September 6th @ 2:00PM ET - Countdown


Tim Hobson - Technical Writer - TimHobsonUE4
Tim Slager - Community Manager - Kalvothe
Amanda Bott - Community Manager - AmandaBott


I would like to ask if it is possible to use DOF in top down template where DOF ‘planes’ would be horizontal and not following the camera. In top down view, DOF on the bottom of the screen changes sooner because rendered scene is closer to the camera than scene rendered on top of the screen. (Top and bottom being relative to monitor screen.)

The new depth of field is just incredible, and at great performance. Been using it all the time since it was released in earlier alpha version of the engine.

We’ve had to postpone this weeks livestream. But do not fear, Tim will be joining us next week to discuss Cinematic Depth of Field!

Does this mean there is no stream today, or does this mean we get a surprise stream?
Edit: Oh, should’ve checked Twitter first; it’s cancelled ;(

Also, Peterpan03.03 up there looks like some sort of spambot (at least I’m not sure if that URL is safe), but I cannot find any sort of “Report” button.


Yaaaaaaaaaay livestream today! Get yo popcorn emotes

Wont be able to watch at the time but will check it out later……

It’s nice but how can I record 360 video? Coz old plugin method is not the best choice…

Looks awesome! Can’t find it for the life of me though! :S

where is the slide deck he talks about from siggraph ? would really like to see it