Unreal Engine Livestream - Getting Started with the AR Template - Feb 22 - Live from Epic HQ

A brand-new AR template is included with the release of Unreal Engine 4.19. Chance and Nick will discuss compatibility, the new unified workflow, and then they’ll dive into the engine, showing off what’s included in the template. They’ll walk through a project, sharing how to setup and debug your own project.

Thursday, February 22nd @ 2:00PM ET Countdown]


Chance Ivey - Partnership Manager, AR and VR - @anonymous_user_c5ad40d01](http://twitter.com/iveytron)
Nick Atamas - Sr. Engine Programmer - @robuts](http://twitter.com/robuts)
Amanda Bott - Community Manager - @amandambott](http://twitter.com/amandambott)

Pop any questions you have for the stream in the comments below!

Getting Started with the AR Template | Live Training | Unreal Engine Livestream - YouTube

Too much wait.:frowning: :wink:

Two big questions I have, probably the first one is already covered.

  1. Device compatibility. Is this using ARCore and ARKit, and what devices does it run out of the box?
  2. Inside-out tracking, is it possible? Any examples or templates we can leverage?

Can’t wait for the stream. Thanks!

I can already answer those.

  1. ARcore and ARkit are both compatible. The unreal implementation just allows for a middlewear so that you can build for both platforms without doubling up, similar to creating for Oculus or Vive hardware. You should check out their own documentation for what devices they are compatible with since that’s not Unreal engine’s control.
  2. It handles location awareness/ positional tracking of itself. It can’t track other objects though.

Unreal doesn’t do anything on it’s own here, it’s just running on the ARcore and ARkit so the capabilities are reliant on what they provide

Thank you ZoltanJr.

  1. Still, it would be great to understand the official stand on this. I wasn’t able to run it on compatible devices which perform quite acceptable in Unity, so understanding what is supported at the moment and the roadmap would be great.
  2. Awesome, now a template or some tips on the livestream for 6dof Mapping will help greatly, or anything helping to go in that direction.

hi, gee this is great news! I tried to use it, but it mentions this: to use AR, enable blsArApp under projectsettings. But i have been searching and searching, but cannot find this under projectsettings!

Is it realy for today? In 1 hour there is another webinar !: VR for Product Design and Manufacturing in Unreal Engine

Same ! searching too !

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Hope this helps… :slight_smile:

Would you mind to share demo project from the livestream?

Veja aqui como o seu detran pará pode funcionar

I tried to use it, but it mentions this: to use AR, enable blsArApp under projectsettings. But i have been searching and searching, but cannot find this under projectsettings!

I need to know complete work flow …Can any one please share some links regarding AR Handheld AR

Hi, thanks for the great video!

I’m having an issue where I want to use a passthrough material for objects that should be “invisible” or just show the video feed. Unfortunately the provided ARKit passthrough material when set to screen space doesn’t match the normal passthrough where there are no objects in the scene.

I’m wondering if the default “blank scene” passthrough is drawing to a different sized screen buffer than the material is. Here’s a screenshot of my material. I’ve also posted this question on AnswerHub here:

The image has a .8 mult in screenPosition, but that’s just me playing with scaling values. at 1 or no mult, it still doesn’t line up.

I am experiencing the same issue, and your post is the only documentation of this error. There is no setting for this under project settings. Plus it would be helpful if google updated their documentations for the AR Core to something that is current.

So just to clarify, does this mean the AR template will only be compatible android devices listed on the ARCore list or will other devices like a Sony phone work as well?

Hi guys

I was (and still am) experiencing that same issue in the editor: blsArApp.
However I was finally able to launch this on my phone. For reference I’m running a Pixel 1 XL.

Two things I did were:

  1. Install Android SDK all the way down to 14 in Android Studio

  2. Under the Unreal Project settings make sure that the Install Location is set to “Auto”

After that, if you’ve got your phone connected click Launch, and Launch to your device. It takes a few minutes to deploy but after that the app opens up on my phone and I’m good to go!

I’m new to Unreal and am just configuring everything up myself so it works on my system. Hopefully works for you guys too.