Unreal Engine Livestream - Getting Started with Composure - August 24th @ 2PM ET - Live from Epic HQ

The new Composure engine plugin, a C++ and Blueprint framework designed to make complex real time compositing pipelines with ease, arrived with the release of Unreal Engine 4.17. On the livestream, our team will take a look at the new Composure Sample Project and break down some of its fantastic features. We’ll discuss how it was constructed, how you can get started with compositing in UE4, and the best practices for gathering your content for compositing. We’ll also dive into the new and upcoming documentation efforts for the compositing tools and answer your questions on compositing in UE4.

Thursday, August 24th @ 2:00PM ET Countdown]

Youtube.com/UnrealEngine](Unreal Engine - YouTube)

Wes Bunn - Sr Technical Writer - @wes_bunn](https://twitter.com/wes_bunn)
Sam Deiter - Sr Technical Writer - @Sam_Deiter](https://twitter.com/Sam_Deiter)
Colin Benoit - Sr Cinematics Artist
Amanda Bott - Community Manager - @amandambott](http://twitter.com/amandambott)

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I haven’t been this excited about a livestream ever.

Having spent many hours in C4D/Arnold/AE/Fusion and spending thousands on render farms, my thoughts have been pointed towards “this could be realtime with PBR” a million times.

My questions:

  • Is the aim of Composure to live composite final footage or to deliver separate passes? (Shadow, spec, etc)

  • Is it possible to render seperate passes in case you need more advanced video editing tools later on?

  • In working simultaneously with 3D film assets (in my case C4D) and Unreal, is it better to use Alembic sources rather than going through the heavily game-based FBX import process?

  • Would love to know how all the basics, like masking, chokes, etc - but it looks like it’s in the talk already. Exciting!


Could you please show how you created the wheels without any motion blur shown on “The Human Race”, because my vehicle wheels have insane amounts of motion blur when driving at higher speeds and I don’t know how to fix it.

Amanda what happend to alexander?

He lives in Spain now :frowning:

Teaching Unreal at university, though! He’s still involved in the community. :slight_smile:

Can footage be composited during gameplay or is it limited to non-interactive segments?

At the end of the quick-start it’s mentioned “You could also use Composure for an augmented reality experience where the backplate texture is a video feed from the camera” are you referring to an actual camera feed like webcam or do you mean the camera actors? If you mean actual camera, is there an EPIC way inbound soon or do we still need to do third party plugins, etc.?

Will some kind of Green/Blue Chroma Key and CG replacement be possible? Yes, I want to replace all that expensive software with Unreal, hahaha.

sounds like an interesting stream to me! :wink:

Will we see a complete tutorial video series on Composure? and when shooting background plates, what is needed on location like measurements etc to make the compositing go smoothly in post and Unreal?

Hello all!! I have been looking for some way to really work with chroma key inside ue4, avergage results touching nodes in materials, but waiting for composure sample arrives some day, my question is , would composure plugin work with chroma key issues in a better way that touching material nodes and parameters ? how? is there any sample/tutorial?

PD trying to repace green screen on video material using media player currently using this: ( with poor results…)


agreed… but it might be better once they finish putting in all the pieces (including rendering audio etc (ahem))… what I would like to see is one built from scratch so that I get an understanding of how it works… just copying and pasting a blueprint with 1000 functions and variables teaches me nothing, and if I don’t know how it works I can’t work with it… so I don’t see it happening for awhile, but I can get my levels ready I guess…

can’t win them all
(but once would be nice right)
yeah… once would be nice…


+1 for that. Some serious Vodoo is happening at that, which makes me think there is not a Great Wizard behind it, but a Great Warlock.

Okay, but what is compositing? It would be very helpful if in this forum or on the video somebody at least said what compositing is and why you might want to try it, as opposed to just jumping in to how to do it. Very confusing.

I normally hate just providing links, but this does a much better job at explaining composting than I ever could. Compositing - Wikipedia


I just came across the live stream while trying to reseach and figure out how we can use live action cams and set them up in Unreal with correct lens distortion. My question and problem is this - I downloaded the “composure compositing framework sample project”, but seem to be missing all the blue prints except the AO blueprint for the character.
Any idea why the most important blueprints wouldn’t download?
And help here would be great.
The workflow seems perfect for our needs for pre/post viz work but i have no idea how to create my own blueprints just yet.