Unreal Engine Livestream - Game Jam Tips & Tricks - Oct 31 - Live from Epic HQ


It’s time to prepare for the Epic MegaJam! To kick off our stream, Jacek Materna from Assembla will call in to discuss some of the differences between Perforce and SVN for our game devs. Following his chat, Paulius and Denny, past winners of our #ue4jams, will provide some tips and tricks for game jams, including a timeline, eating habits, design approaches and more!

Download their slides here.

Tuesday, October 31th @ 2:00PM ET Countdown]


Jacek Materna - CTO of Assembla - @jacekmaterna](
Paulius Rumša - @Slapunas](
Denny Strube - @DennyRocketDev](
Amanda Bott - Community Manager - @amandambott](

Drop any questions about version control or game jams in the comments below and we’ll try to get them answered on the stream!


im so tired using github. i want to use perforce through online but there is not much of a tutorial

And what do you think of Git with LFS 2 featuring File Locks?

Edit: will Assembla support the Lock API?

how did I miss this ??? Aaaaargh… :mad:

Gah! I was busy at work and missed this one too.

Does anyone have a link to a recording?

Usually the live streams get archived, but for some reason, I can’t find an archive (too soon maybe?) on their YouTube page, where they usually go. As an alternative for now, in the original post above is a link to slides which give you the gist of the video.