Unreal Engine Livestream - Exploring Digital Humans - October 11th - Live from Epic HQ


In this week’s livestream, we sit down with Senior Character Artist Adam Skutt to explore the creation of believable digital characters. During the stream, Adam will cover updated material and shading techniques, best modeling and texture practices, as well as the improved rendering features in Unreal Engine.

Thursday, October 11th @ 2:00PM ET - Countdown


Adam Skutt - Senior Character Artist
Tim Slager - Community Manager - Kalvothe
Amanda Bott - Community Manager - @amandambott](



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**MysteryHouse VR **

**Supersolar **

Yay for launcher announcement! Won’t miss this one if I can help it :wink:

if Hurricane Michael don’t wash this out… the tail end of it is still hitting us 5+ hours southwest & looks like it’s heading toward Epic … mainly rain & high winds w/ chance for so-called ‘minor’ tornadoes!

so have to wait to see if they can do this stream or not !

should be a great stream though!

Hello @amandambott, kalvothe and Adam Skutt.
Is it possible to give me an idea about the best approach to make a believable character for a VR experience in terms of numbers of polygons and shader complexity.

Well of course this is fantastic, I was wondering… as the maps and textures are there… how does one implement using the “wrinkle” maps? I.E. How to blend the maps when a character says, squints and the forehead wrinkles and crows feet appear?
Is there an animation trigger in this Scene? Or do we just get to look at the static head?

Thank you Amanda, Adam and Tim, this is a great look into my favourite UE4 scene atm :slight_smile:

This is Fake!

So sad I missed this, is there a recording somewhere?