Unreal Engine Livestream - Character Animation in UE4 - Jan 25 - Live from Epic HQ

In this stream, Wes Bunn takes a look at the quickest way to get a humanoid character up and playable from a Skeletal Mesh and a series of animations. We’ll talk about different workflow tips for the various types of animation assets (Anim Blueprints, Blend Spaces, and State Machines vs. AnimMontages). Also, we’ll try out some subtle things you can do to improve the realism and look of your character’s movement.

Bringing a Hero from Paragon to Life with UE4 by Laurent Delayen

Thursday, January 25th @ 2:00PM ET - Countdown


Wes Bunn - Sr Technical Writer - @wes_bunn](
Amanda Bott - Community Manager - @amandambott](

Post any comments you have for the team in the comments below and we’ll try to get to them on the livestream.



Finally! Thanks for planning this stream.

Would it be possible to cover the subject of overriding bone animation with procedural animation? For example, while character is in idling animation we want to control one of the bones (neck?) to make character’s head follow another actor as it is passing by (and then get back to playing 100% of idling anim).

Looking forward to it!

Yes, I’ll cover this as well on the stream. You can use the LookAt Skeletal Control node to accomplish this.

Thank you!!!

I must watch this to check if anything is new on the subject, if I don’t have the free time I hope you guys upload to youtube quickly so I can watch it later splitting by chunks :3

a must watch episode, looking forward to it

forward to this i wont be able to watch live sadly cause of school but cant wait

Very nice.
I got a couple of **questions **which would be awesome to get covered:

  1. On the RigidBody node: Is there a way to transform a bone driven by a rigidBody node?
    (Basically modify the bone via additive, or modify node or wahtever, and then apply the rigidbody nodes dynamics on top of those movements so the bone respects its new position)

  2. Other rigid body question: How can we benefit of the PHAT collision system inside the rigidBody node to have bones affected collide with external objects?


Kudos! Great. looking forward to it

:eek: Sweeeet… great topic!


Super excited now with Unreal 4.19, please share some new features!

Question: Is it posible to have animal behaviour tutorials? like herbs, migrations, animals chosing alphas, hunting, i mean animal behaviours tutorials insted of characters been followed by enemies, YouTube is allready full of those types of tutorials.

Thanks guys

Hi, Wes,

It’s been a great pleasure to learn this news.

May I ask you covering something like hit feedback applying on the skeletal mesh by bone control or something?
If the character who was hit in the face could have a force on its head and connected bones, it should look much more realistic.

Hope it wouldn’t take that much of time.
Thank you for sharing anything else as well.

Will you also show some tricks about root motion and aim offset as well?

Great! Sorry for my bad english, but i want to ask a question:

Would it be possible to cover the subject of distance curves movement system (animation follows the capsule), which was shown in paragon animation techniques video.

Again, sorry, i hope you can understand my question :slight_smile:

A few questions:

  1. Procedurally force a characters aim animation to always align the hand with the cross hair, no matter the animation.

  2. Switching AnimBP for a pawn in real time WITH blending from the previous pose to the next pose?
    (example: your character has a AnimBP for interacting with vehicles, you successfully switch to the relevant AnimBP, but how to you blend the poses from the last frame of the previous AnimBP, to blend into the next AnimBP)

  3. Restrict the distance rigid bodies moves away from the character, (example: if a character moves too quickly because of force or animation or something, the rigid body can’t keep up, creating a glitchy stretchy character.)

Hi everyone, I’m just checking that this isn’t live right now? Or is it happening later at American 2pm? I really don’t want to miss this!

It’s 2pm Eastern! 4 hours from now, so you haven’t missed it.

“3ds Max” to Unreal, character and facial animation pipeline, if possible. Cat or Biped? Bones or Morpher(Blend Shapes)?Thanks!

I hope there’s something on keeping the state machine tidy