Unreal Engine Livestream - Chaos Fundamentals - August 22 - Live from HQ

On this week’s livestream, Jack Oakman and Wes Bunn walk us through the fundamentals of Chaos, Unreal Engine’s new high-performance physics and destruction system. Learn how to create Collections, work with Fields, and get a special sneak peak of our example content project. Plus, a couple of our very own Chaos developers will be in chat to answer your questions!

Thursday, August 22 @ 2:00PM ET - Countdown


How to enable Chaos in 4.23

Jack Oakman - Senior Technical Artist
Wes Bunn - Senior Technical Writer
Victor Brodin - Community Manager - @victor1erp](http://twitter.com/victor1erp)

Chaos Fundamentals | Live from HQ | Inside Unreal - YouTube

Can’t wait……… :):):):):):slight_smile:

Really looking forward to this one. Thanks Epic!

damm iam shaking when i think about it in the future, even if i know there will be a lot learning frustration in the beginning as always. :slight_smile: keep going!

It’s interesting that this feature is coming out right when I am working on a project that I was hoping to use mesh destruction in. It really is great timing.

can this be used to replace moveComponent or existing collision system? in attempt to try scale up to 2000+ pawns ? i have 2000 pawns run at just 6ms~ (27ms idle) in game thread doing their thing, but moment i enable collision things go south.

: Great news !!!
Will the stream be on version 4.23 Preview 6 ? Or a Preview 7 version will be out in the next two days ?

Total **CHAOS ! **It’s Unreal !! :cool:


Will it support constraints, rotor, etc? I ask because if, for example, I want to make a destructive cupboard with doors that are movable on hinges, it was impossible - it was simple asset, but i needed cut this mesh in DCC, then make destructible and make blueprint with twoo hinges for this… even after that was lots of issues with this. I never make relationship between specific destructible part and part of the doors - if you shoot through the door, part should hang on hinges, part should have physics…

This is only small example. But i want real game assets, like destructible Ceiling fan with rotor or interactive destructible door, it was sometimes buggy and time expensive.

Hey there, 3 questions that’s been on my mind lately…

  1. How does “multi-layering works?” For instance metallic rods inside concrete. Are you setting them up in separate Mesh Collections or there’s a way to handle fracture differently on specific meshes from that same ‘Collection’?

  2. If you make a large rounded wall surface or a hollow tunnel to walk in, can the new(?) collision made to be closer to their “complex” collision? This was a limitation with the Apex DM.

  3. What kind of events are there for when a specific chunk (user-determined) is destroyed / separated (etc) from a Mesh Collection?

Thanks a lot.

I am interested to see how networked Chaos Physics works Will This Be covered? :slight_smile:

I’m really looking forward to this. Thank you Epic!

We won’t be covering networked physics. That goes beyond fundamentals, but I would love to cover it in a future stream!

Is Chaos in UE 4.23 going to be very experimental, or can we use it in a game?

Link for those who missed the stream

The archived video is always added to the announcement post once it’s live. You can find it on our twitch channel and under our “Livestreams” playlist on YouTube as soon as the livestream is over. Here’s a handy link for you: https://youtu.be/hx9dHgcN0bE

How do we get the examples?

They will be available once 4.23 comes out of preview. I’ll update the thread with how to access them!

For the console had to change the default from 2000 fractures on screen at anytime to 1000. Wonder how performance Chaos will be compared to Physic X? Here is a video of some bricks in real time destruction the Unreal PhysicX. Nextgen Sandbox Editor - First Look #4 - YouTube here is another example: Trailer - NextGen SandBox - YouTube The interesting thing is the fracture is happening at real time and if you get to many then you will see a hitch as it calculates the fracture o the CPU. Will the fracture still be calculated in real time on the CPU or now using the GPU or the is fracture in Chaos calculated? The video from the bricks is from a game that is coming out on the PS4 September the 13th 2019. The squeal that is planned for the PS5 will be implementing your new Chaos system so we are very excited to start with with you.

First of all, thank you so much for developing this system. I want to look into this system further - specifically field system. Are there any updates on Chaos Field blueprint examples?