Unreal Engine Livestream - Animation Blueprint Setup & Walkthrough Part 2 - May 3 - Live from HQ


Expanding on the content from the Animation Blueprint Setup & Walkthrough livestream, Jay continues work on Shinbi’s animation system to show some more advanced animation topics. He’ll add a strafe locomotion system and blendspaces, discuss how to use sync markers, make the character turn in place, and demonstrate retargeting animations from one hero to another.

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Thursday, May 3rd @ 2:00PM ET - Countdown


Jay Hosfelt - Lead Animator - @HosFross](
Tim Slager - Community Manager - @Kalvothe](
Amanda Bott - Community Manager - @amandambott](

If you have questions for our guests, feel free to toss them below and we’ll try to get to them on the stream.

really looking forward to this… good to see Part 2 being streamed so soon!

Can one presume we’ll be learning how to actually back up while we are backing up ?? :cool:

That it?

Can’t wait to see the new stream setup!

Awesome looking forward to this!

YES more and more Animation Blueprint! Please Please
Can’t wait to see the new stream setup!

Yay… much needed character animation tutorials, really looking forward to this. Thanks

really nice, looking forward for this.

nice, Awesome looking forward to this!

Hello,awesome people at Epic. can you teach us how to get the distance curve using the ART tool in MAYA and output it? thank you very much <3

Thank you for that, downloaded so I don’y loose it

Could you please cover how to set up ‘Melee twist’ ?

Hello! Has the walkthrough of Part 2 started? :slight_smile: Looking forward to it!

4:48pm here in Australia. not sure if i missed the live stream!! Part 1 was very helpful

this shit is dope brah…


can you explain please in the shinbi locomotion state the transition between the jogstop and idle and why there is two transitions rules ?
thanks .

Where can I find a replay of the previous live stream on Artistic Lighting in UE4?

I thank you guys for this and plan to turn in.

Hello Amanda and Tim,
I’m struggling with Twitch black screen error for a long time. Can you please share this content on YouTube as well?

Any chance for a proper root motion controller? And correct in place/standing pawn rotation?
I’m getting tired of seeing in all tutorials sliding feet, and rotating like on ice without legs moving…
I didn’t see any good explanation from Epic on how to use the root motion, yet.
Hell, all the other engines are using the root motion system as default, and you can find a lot of tutorials for it.
Sorry, I’m quite new to this, but I wish to know how to achieve: input keys>blend space values>animation plays>character capsule direction and speed drive FROM the root motion.
How do we achieve that? All tutorials I see goes like: input keys>drive capsule direction and speed>play animation without root motion>hack with curves capsule speed. In my opinion you’re doing it in a very outdated Quake/Doom fashion…

Sorry for my rudeness, and thanks in advance.