Unreal Engine Livestream - An Intro To Niagara - July 26 - Live from Epic HQ


With 4.20 we introduced a new way to create stunning visual effects, Niagara. While Niagara is still in early access many of its amazing features are ready to try. During this stream, we’ll sit down with Wyeth from the team behind Niagara to get a glimpse of its awesome visual power!

Thursday, July 19th @ 2:00PM ET - Countdown


Wyeth Johnson - Lead Tech Artist - @SirWyeth](
Shaun Kime - Senior Engineer - @shaunkime](
Tim Slager - Community Manager - @Kalvothe](
Amanda Bott - Community Manager - @amandambott](


that’s what i am talking about !!!

Excellent timing - please include examples of how to manipulate particles via an external Blueprint (say an Effects Controller in your level that directs several Niagara systems in your scene by moving particles in different ways). Looking forward to it!

Defiantly will be checking this out.

FYI the link in the epic games launcher is sending me to the Epic Announces Unreal Engine Market. :slight_smile:

Is the project going to be shared on the launcher after the livestream?

Looking forward to this. I hope there is talk about how to manipulate Niagara variables inside game BP:s

yeah it 'pretty cool :slight_smile:

Great stream! I was wondering where we can find information about the discord channel related to Niagara that was mentioned at the end of the stream?

I tend to be active on both the Niagara subchannel of RealtimeVFX ( and the VisualFX channel on

are the example files out yet?

Where can we find the video after the live streaming?

The content examples project has been updated with a Niagara examples map