Unreal Engine Livestream - AI: State of Mind - July 25 - Live from HQ

The documentation team has been hard at work expanding and improving the documentation for AI. Wes Bunn will be in the studio to talk about these improvements and show us a sneak peek of what’s coming!

Thursday, July 25 @ 2:00PM ET - Countdown


Base AI Project
Complete AI Project

Wes Bunn - Senior Technical Writer
Victor Brodin - Community Manager - @victor1erp](http://twitter.com/victor1erp)

AI: State of Mind | Live from HQ | Inside Unreal - YouTube


Exactly what I’m looking for. Thank you! See you there!

i’'m from Viet nam. i love unreal engine 4 so much. how i can participate in

3d nav mesh? D:

There is sooo much on the wish list! This will be exciting to watch :slight_smile:

An update would be nice when EQS is gonna leave experimental status, please.

Finally, thanks a bunch !!

I see that this might not be the training stream for this, but, can we please talk about the following (preferably using Blueprints only, no C++):

  • attaching AI Perception to the head bone (so that AI character can “see” when it turns its head during idling anims or while patrolling and looking around),
  • using nav mesh with multiple streaming levels (how to properly set up bounds and whatnot),
  • dynamically bridging several areas for AI to be able to pass from one area to another (like, from one side of the trench to another after bridge is raised or something like that),
  • setting up AI for 6DoF VR projects (since AI tracks player’s controller and not HMD) and
  • how to optimize AI for mobile platforms

Thanks beforehand

Hi, will AI for Enterprise be discussed,or will it be strictly games-focused?

Detection by Affiliation?

If you guys can please discuss when to use Behavior trees vs using Blueprints. There is great controversy out there. Just to get some clarity on that subject. Some guys like to build their AI in BP rather than in BT they say BT’s are not very reliable and then others say they are perfectly reliable. If you guys can throw some light on this :slight_smile: Thank you!

AI documentation? Naa, I don’t believe you… :wink:

Just to give an example. https://www.tomlooman.com/journey-into-utility-ai-ue4/

You still owe us a C++/Deep-Dive AI stream with Mieszko btw :wink:
(Well, Alex does, but its on stream, so it doesnt matter :smiley: )

I’m hesitant to promise anything… but I can tell you that it’s very likely you’ll see Mieszko on the stream before the end of the year :slight_smile:

What enterprise specific things are you looking for?

Am I reading this correctly? The documentation was expanded and improved, not the AI system itself, right?

Very excited, thank you!

im ready

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is it a good practice to use a behavior tree for branching dialogue?

These are two totally different systems with different tasks, it’s not suitable for that task at all.