Unreal Engine Livestream - Advanced Technical Art - November 15th - Live from Epic HQ

Australia & SEA Evangelist, Chris Murphy joins us today to discuss advanced technical art in Unreal Engine. He’ll walk through how to create a vanishing effect, using advanced material techniques.

Thursday, November 15th @ 2:00PM ET - Countdown


Chris Murphy - Evangelist, Australia & SEA - @HighlySpammable](http://www.twitter.com/HighlySpammable)
Tim Slager - Community Manager - @Kalvothe](http://twitter.com/Kalvothe)
Amanda Bott - Community Manager - @amandambott](http://twitter.com/amandambott)


Fractured Veil **

**Arboreal **

**Edge of Chaos RTS **

Creating a Vanishing Effect with Advanced Materials | Feature Highlight | Unreal Engine Livestream - YouTube


Chris Murphy is a good teacher, his Udemy course helped me greatly.

Awesome! Chris Murphy rocks

ooooooooh… Nice! :cool:

Chris mentions the Material was inspired by a post from Deep Space Banana - here it is DeepSpaceBanana Art - Wormhole Shader Effect

hate to be that guy, but the materials were promised as a link in the vid (really dont want to have to watch it all over again to copy it) @ 1:01:50

I’ve followed everything up until 34:07 when Chris adds the opacity mask. I am getting no changes! Can’t for the life of me figure out why. I’ve triple checked everything to make sure I’ve done everything Chris did and the material still doesn’t disappear.
What could be preventing the opacity mask from being applied?
The only thing that’s different is that I’ve used assets from the starter pack because I don’t know where to get the ones Chris is using. I can’t imagine this is the issue though.

Hello, is there any chance to get link to sample project with material? Would be much appreciated.