Unreal Engine Livestream - 4.23 Release highlight - August 15 - Live from HQ

With Unreal Insights (Beta), our new Chaos physics and destruction system, improvements to ray tracing and more, there’s a lot to be excited about arriving in Unreal Engine 4.23. On this week’s livestream, we’ll sit down with engine experts Marcus Wassmer and Michael Lentine to talk about 4.23’s features and changes.

Thursday, August 15 @ 2:00PM ET - Countdown


Marcus Wassmer - Engineering Director, Graphics - @MarcusWassmer](http://twitter.com/MarcusWassmer)
Michael Lentine - Lead Physics Programmer
Victor Brodin - Community Manager - @victor1erp](http://twitter.com/victor1erp)



Chaos is awesome!

looking forward to Insights on the stream! lol

destruction needs luv in Unreal !

@VictorLerp Any info on when the final 4.23 will release?

It is coming soon…

@MarcusWassmer](http://twitter.com/MarcusWassmer) Great news on the progress with support for Landscape and World Position Offset for RT - You also mentioned improvements for the Instanced Static Mesh Component and the Hierarchical Instanced Static Mesh Components - does this mean we will now have a working foliage toolset for RT ? Would you be kind enough to outline what RT foliage and landscape areas are fully functional and what aspects are still in progress. Thanks !

@victor1erp](http://twitter.com/victor1erp) any chance of getting that link to the showcase with
Juan Cañada on roughness values in RT from Siggraph?

The resource I referred to was a livestream we did with Sjoerd and Juan, you can find it here: https://youtu.be/Bm5PWp4Ci38