Unreal Engine Livestream - 4.19 Material Layers Preview - Feb 15 - Live from Epic HQ


In the upcoming release of Unreal Engine 4.19, we’re adding Material Layers as an experimental feature. Our goal is to create an easier workflow, and hopefully save you some material costs along the way. We’ll show some example layered materials and go over the use cases where this will have the most impact on your project. Send in all your questions and feedback - this feature is still being developed further and we’d love to get your input!

Thursday, February 15th @ 2:00PM ET - Countdown


Lauren Ridge - Tools Programmer - @LRRidge](
Alan Willard - Sr. Developer Relations Technical Artist
Chris Bunner - Sr. Rendering Programmer
Amanda Bott - Community Manager - @amandambott](



Any new info on when this will be re-rescheduled Amanda? Thanks!

At this point, it’ll be post-GDC. Hoping for late March or early April.

So excited for this stream…took a look at the preview of 4.19 and cannot wait to implement this in my workflow. My pre-stream question would be maybe a simple demonstration of implementing this for a simple landscape material. Currently I have a rather complicated looking use of material functions.

In the past, layered materials have been particularly heavy in terms of performance costs and were generally advised against if performance was absolutely critical (aka, Mobile, PS4/Xbox development). It would be nice to see some of the performance boosts/improvements that are incorporated and what advantages developers have with using the new material layers.

oh… ye’ ol’ couch will be full this time!
nice list of guests for the stream, Amanda!
sure the world won’t implode? :eek:

add animals: polar bear, wolf,partridge,geese,hunts, grizzly. And fish: pike, burbot. And so on;);););););):slight_smile:

please add animals:):slight_smile:

Can Material Layers be used for landscapes?

Nice Material

Awesome stuff, can’t wait for tonight’s stream.

How come features like that always are right around the corner when I finished a project that would have heavily profited from it :smiley:
Looking forward to the stream!

I missed the livestream… will it be available as a video in the near future?

It’s on twitch already Twitch

usually up on youtube pretty quickly as well @Sid.10
like a couple days

Would it possible to show us examples of threshold values for Mask’s Color Picking? Mentioned in the stream around 59:10 ( I watched Youtube version ).