Unreal Engine Livestream - 2019 Spring #ue4jam results - June 13 - Pre-recorded from HQ


Teams from all over the world participated in the 2019 Spring #ue4jam: Marketplace takeover. We received over 200 submissions on the theme “The other side of the coin”, and invite you to join us and our friends from the Marketplace team for the winner announcements and playthroughs!

You can download and play all of the submissions on, and make sure you let others know which ones were your favorites!

Thursday, June 13 @ 2:00PM ET - Countdown


Natalia - Marketplace Support Technician
Jake - Marketplace Analyst
Amanda Bott - Community Manager - @amandambott](
Victor Brodin - Community Manager - @victor1erp](


1 - Gamejam need have the Results on of all games, since you guys play all and give points the developers needs know his points…

2 - “The theme” guys the way you are judging the theme is like “lol, really exist this word on our theme… so the finalist is that game”. Look to all of your themes… and where is the interpretation of the theme? If the theme just need have an asset with the main word of your theme, so i will always do that and not spend time caryng about the theme. Because you give a full phrase " The Other Side of the Coin "
and the Theme became just the word “Coin”.

Anyway the Jam is very nice, and thanks Quixel to give me some points during the Jam amazing content.

Haha, after watching the live stream I would have to agree. Looks like they really didn’t put much thought into how they judged the games… if it has a coin in it… it wins!

Yes, I know there were ~200 games so you can’t spend the time to give a review of each one. But even just showing the points you awarded each game gives us losers who didn’t get mentioned something to show for it :slight_smile: