Unreal Engine license question, using the engine for pre-rendered cut scenes.

Hi guys,

A question regarding licensing.

If you have a game created using Unity and you wish to use Unreal Engine to render the cut scenes only and export them out as movie files to be used in the game within Unity, do you still have to pay unreal royalty percentage on the game sales?


You don’t have to pay royalty on non-interactive media, so rendered stills and animations don’t have royalty.

Why on earth would you use Unreal to do cutscenes in Unity?

Maybe he started off making his game with the wrong engine. But at least the cutscenes should look nice. :wink:

Unreal Engine BSP for the modeling, Blender for the game engine.

Make it happen, OP.

Wait something about this request doesn’t sound right.

Thanks for the input guys, I think if we choose to use unreal we would drop Epic a mail for the detailed info.

As to why you may use the engine is for the following:

If You already own a unity pro license and game doesn’t require an overkill of an in engine features from unreal, but it does have pre-rendered but partially interactive cut scenes that require that visual treatment that Unity may not be able to provide (shading lighting FX), you may not want to use software renderers to render thousands of hours on cut scenes, Unreal for cut scenes could be that good middle ground while unity plays the game.

Hope that makes sense.