Unreal Engine keeps freezing?

I just decided to start using unreal engine 5, but for some reason every time I load into a project it freezes either instantly or a few minutes in. I have tried uninstalling, verifying, restarting the pc and updating my gpu driver. None of my pc resources are being maxed out. My specifications are amd ryzen 5 1600 six core processor, rtx 2070, 16gm ddr4 ram. Is there any fix to this?

Hi Yoy0p, Welcome to the Forums.

By freezing, do you mean everything is unresponsive? (For example, you can’t even open the ‘File’ dropdown?) And it never crashes?

If you can get into the situation where it freezes “a few minutes in” try turning down your scalability settings.

I’ve also seen certain ‘hardware controlling software’ like MSI Afterburner interfere with UE.

Hey, thanks for the reply. And yes when it freezes I am unable to click on anything and am forced to close the editor. Unfortunately the scalability settings don’t seem to affect anything, and I have very few programs open. No hardware controlling software like MSI are open however.

Please tell me you learned to fix it i cant load projects too