Unreal engine is crashing my whole system

i have a ryzen 7 2700x, 24 gb ram & rx570 gpu. my ue 5 was working great until last month when i upgraded unreal 5.1 to 5.2 and it suddenly become a nightmare for me, unreal engine is not just crash it is turning my whole system crash each and every single time even in idle state. I thought that it was my pc fault so i reset my whole system and for around 1 week i was not used unreal engine, and my pc was working smoothly until today when i install unreal engine 5.1, it is again crashing my whole pc every time even in idle state. I tried my best to find solution online but no luck. Is there my way to fix this? Should i burn my pc :sob: :sob:


I understand your frustration, but before taking extreme measures, try these steps:

  1. Update GPU drivers.
  2. Check system temperatures.
  3. Verify Unreal Engine installation.
  4. Lower in-app graphics settings.
  5. Update BIOS and Windows.
  6. Disable overclocking.
  7. Check Windows Event Viewer for errors.
  8. Test your RAM.
  9. Consider a clean Unreal Engine reinstall.
  10. Contact Unreal Engine support for help.

Burning your PC is not the solution; troubleshooting can resolve the issue. Good luck!

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Greetings @Deepu

First, welcome to the Unreal Engine Forums! We’re happy to have you in the community! In regards to the crashes, do you have a log or any error messages when this is happening? Also, is there anything specific you’re doing to replicate the crash?

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No! there is no log or any error messages, because unreal just causes my pc to freeze and i have to do a force full hard restart and this whole thing keeps repeating each and every time.

Thanks for guiding, I have done all the steps & unreal engine 4.27.2 is working so far but unreal engine 5.1/5.2 is still causing my pc to crash

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I am getting almost the exact same issue, haven’t been able to use unreal for weeks now and my projects are getting corrupted due to having to hard reset.

I tried UE 5.2 and 5.3.1 and have done a fresh windows install 3 times now.Formatted hard drives , ran graphics benchmarks, verified installations, ran both the engine and project off different hard drives As soon as I open a unreal project , even a template unreal project then my entire system freezes within a minute of opening. Has anybody solved this ?

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hi, I also faced same issue, now it is working fine after installing windows 10. I think windows 11 was not compatible in my laptop with unreal engine

Hello, I am also facing the same issue. Thanks for solving this question guys.
I am really happy to see this solution.
I also check this : https://forums.unrealengine.com/t/unreal-engine-4-world-wide-user-map/18438fsl

Is there a clear solution to the crashing issue? On steam i validated the files, changed the compatibility, set to run as administrator, cleared the cache, turned off windows firewall, tried dx11, checked if any updates for my driver, changed my graphics card from studio to game ready, and rolled it back from windows 11 to 10.

Under-clock your 3090 GPU VRAM.

This isnt the ‘give away’ that the gpu vram is the issue, that sign is “Directed3d device lost” but this often is found with it. “EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION reading address 0x0000000000000010” 0x000 is a memory address that unreal is trying to access and fails to.

To under-clock your GPU(3090) vram, you should have a “Overlocker” program from ASUS. Fire that up, set everything to ‘default’ and then for your GPU VRAM =-UNDERCLOCK it by 100Mhz. You will have to do this each time you reboot, unless the program will save and apply it for you on startup. find out!

Save that, play your games and try to get the same crash to happen. It should be resolved.

If you cannot or don’t have an under-clocking ability with the Asus program, set nvidia control panel to ‘debug mode’ under ‘about.’ That is nVididas way to set everything to ‘stock’ from nvidia and hope the stock ram can process everything asked of it.


even in my case, i was able to use ue5 projects, until 1 day my laptop randomly started crashing whenever i was in between using ue5, my screen would not freeze, no errors, no warning, nothing, everything would work fine, but suddenly laptop would shut down on its own and this is only in the case of unreal engine. The crashes have occurred frequently, like 4 times in a day