Unreal Engine 4 World-Wide User Map

Hey everyone,

I created a UE4 World-Wide User Map which shows the location of Unreal Engine 4 users. :rolleyes: If you want to be on the map its easy. :cool: Please post the below details here and I’ll add you as soon as i login here. :o

See Link -> Unreal Engine 4 World Users Map - Google My Maps

**Your Name (Required)

Your Location Co-ordinates (Required)

Your image (Optional) **Imgur link recommended. NOTE: Image size should be: 335 x 205

*Your Description (Optional)

How to get your location Co-ordinates?**

Its simple. :slight_smile:

  1. First go to Google Maps
  2. Navigate to your location
  3. Right click and select What’s Here? See Image
  4. On top left corner you will see the coordinates. See Image

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How does this work for those of us who relocate every few months :stuck_out_tongue: ?

Ok so,

Location would be: 51.198383, 7.084931

Name would be: Cedric (eXi)

I guess you won’t need my lastname :smiley:

Haha…its fine ;). Gimme your current location. :slight_smile:

Added. :slight_smile:

Name is Gandosh
Location is : 47.923581, 106.983832

Name: Jacob (cube2222)
Coordinates: 52.247413, 21.023536

name : rudy
1.300189, 103.838373

Name: Ulrich Thümmler
Location: 51.051158, 13.736193

Thanks guys! Added all of you. :slight_smile:

@Cube2222: Is your location right? Its like in the middle of a river.

Name: Stefan Mielke
Location: -23.490068, -46.871796

I know, just got a nice loc of warsaw which seemed to be funny.

Added. :slight_smile:

Haha…alright. :wink:

Here we go :slight_smile:

Name: Philipp N. (fighter5347)
Location: 47.217084, 9.630617

Name: MarinN
Location: 41.994371, 21.428284

Name: Tykev
Location: 49.195242, 16.607850

Name: Mihail (Kyojin96)
Location: 42.713100, 23.244340

Name: Alex Gorcea
Location: 44.421200, 26.024511

Added all of you. :slight_smile:

Going to sleep now. Keep posting! :slight_smile:

**Your Name **
Reed + Rader

**Your Location Co-ordinates **
40.699698, -73.948442

*Your image (Optional) Imgur link recommended. NOTE: Image size should be: 335 x 205

Your Description (Optional)
Pamela Reed and Matthew Rader are a team of artists that use gaming engines to make video and interactive project in the world of fashion and advertising.

Your Name
Bruno Gruber

Your Location Co-ordinates
-25.437838, -49.330493

Your Description (Optional)
Bruno Gruber is a game designer, artist and programmer. Creator of the platformer game NEBULA.