Unreal Engine Dynamic Range

Hello there,
I’ve got a question that is probably more aimed at the Graphic Programmers at Epic, don’t know if you Guys are reading this.
I was wondering what the dynamic range of one image in Unreal has?
I know the human eye has somethign around 20 stops, a DSLR camera something around 14 stops.
Thanks in advance!

Pretty sure it’s 30.

30 stops? That is actually quite a lot!
Do you know how this number comes? Basically it should be dependent on the format of the rendering target, how big of a range you can display without visual banding, right?

It all depends on the precision that the scene color is written in, but I don’t know what format Epic uses. 16-bit half floats do provide around 30 stops I think, but in the end it’ll be displayed on an SDR monitor at ~7 stops or HDR displays around ~20 stops.

That is already some valuable information!
I had until now a pretty hard time to find some good sources of information that bring dynamic range (in stops) in relationship to the render target format.