Unreal Engine crashing on Mac

Not sure if this is the right forum to post, but I downloaded this multiplayer module from the market place. It works fine on Windows. Crashes when I try to run on mac.


It looks like a shader wasn’t added to the file paths but I’m not to sure how to resolve it. The project in question is this:

I’m reaching out to the author as well and we probably dont need him if we can resolve it based on these error hints alone. I’m not too familiar with UE myself.

I would try launching, and saving the project on Linux, or windows. Create a mac racing template from launcher, and simply right click migrate the content from that package to it, or copy paste. So it changes the data. Most things in the marketplace arent built for mac, and linux. So good luck with work arounds. I have yet to see anything from windows not open in Linux unless it was plugin related crash though.