Unreal Engine Bug Submission Form

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Why did we do this?
There were a significant number of bug reports coming in with insufficient information, so this form was created to increase the likelihood that we’ll be able to reproduce bugs that have been submitted and increase the rate at which bugs are processed.

In many cases, I’ve seen where a number of people will have the same issue, but Epic can’t reproduce it because they don’t have access to the sort of complex project where the problem occurs. The old standby, “reproduce it in a clean project” is meaningless in most contexts.

What about visibility and collaboration?
Bugs will be visible on the Public Bug Tracker after we’re able to reproduce them and it is determined not to be a design request. You can always create a public thread on AnswerHub discussing the issue and reference the ID of the bug, once it becomes available. You’ll still be able to collaborate, discuss issues, and work on solutions together.

Again, Epic can’t reproduce them so this presumes that the issues don’t exist. Sorry, that’s completely bogus.

What if Epic needs more info?
If an email address is provided in the form and the team needs clarification around the bug, then they’ll reach out to do so.

Meaning, Epic plans to stop communicating directly with bug submitters.

What happened to Chance? I liked that guy. Also finally, a real bug form.

I also think that the collaboration and public tracking of unconfirmed bug reports on answer hub from others has been essential at times. It would be a shame to lose that.

The answerhub is a joke, no reason the person posting the bug couldn’t post it here as well.

I would say you are lucky. If I didn’t ping a developer on Twitter I would never have got an answer on my entries, I’m still waiting for answers on some of them by the way. To my point of view, the AH is a mess, it’s very hard to track down problems and also see if other users already reported a bug I’m facing.

bug when spawning player Hi, I started a new project a week ago and I encountered problems when I added two beginnings of players on the same level, the first player appears in the correct place of the beginning of the player, plus the second appears in another place far away and in below the already dead level and when I go back to the screen of the first player who spawned correctly appears as if I was seeing the second player in the correct location but through another place, how do I solve this ??? It’s a bit confusing, but watch the pictures closely

This is awesome; The engine support team told me they got “19” crash reports coming from “ChangeState()” function which invokes “SetState()” of my UFSM Plugin…
However, my plugin doesn’t have any “ChangeState()” function whatsoever. These reports are coming from a modified version of the plugin.

I wish the bug report include more details about third-party libraries, my plugin in this case, and the report should explicitly tell if the library has been modified or not.
I just went bug hunting and saw that those reports didn’t make sense after I realize they’ve modified the plugin’s source code and the crash was coming from something that doesn’t officially exist in my code ^^

But still, the fact they are tracking these reports, and contacted me with a resume of these reports… Made me happy! the guys are working hard to make things better.

So, now it just feels like we’re firing bug reports into the void.

There’s no way to even see the bug you’ve just submitted, let alone do any of the things you’re likely you want to do after submitting a bug such as editing it, adding more information, etc.

Being able to submit bug reports through a dedicated channel would be a good idea if we were actually submitting into the real bug tracker, but it seems that they don’t trust us enough to let us do that.


  • More structured entry form.


  • No more feedback for submitting a bug
  • No ability to edit or add to bug reports
  • No way to tell if the bug has already been submitted (until it reaches the verified bug tracker)
  • No way to know if the bug has been rejected for some reason
  • No way way to find the bug in the tracker if it does get raised
  • No way for Epic to ask for more information about a bug from anyone but the original submitter (if they entered an email)
  • No way to discuss the bug with others (except making a separate thread)

How is this an improvement for anyone?
Am I missing something?

If the completed form would also create an answerhub article (which allow for discussions and work-arounds) then it would make a lot of sense… Maybe it will?


I posted a response and then I saw the above. GREAT idea! Also, people can post work-arounds…general information for all to see.


Good idea indeed.

Another thing I noticed - the bugs that do get posted to the tracker don’t have any reference to the original bug report.

Assuming that’s the same ticket that the developer working on the issue sees, it means that they don’t have easy access to the full information about the bug.

The description in the ticket itself is a brief summary of the ticket, which doesn’t necessarily include all the information that the original reporter put into their report.

Don’t think the problem was Answerhub or the forums, but rather seems a problem you can’t talk directly with the actual developers from the engine but with community managers or people using the engine for 1 month…

Plus not sure at all but seems like you can’t send the project ? You have to host in your own service like at this point I should get 10 Dropbox accounts more in order to host all the projects…

If no one see the reports online, then will be duplicated reports, but as the feature request that now are hidden by Epic in their web.
I have to imagine this is to hidde aswell the bug reports or something.

If this bug submit form really stays, please at least make it that the user gets an email with the issue tracker link if the bug could be reproduced.


So yesterday I submitted a bug via the new bug submission form. Everything went super.
But now I have additional information that are super important to the bug.
Since I didnt get a refernce number or something to reference the bug, how do I now pass that information to you guys?

Just wanna get thing into the proper channels.
Thanks in advance. :slight_smile:


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So, after submitting a few bugs, I’ve found:

a) I can’t find my own bugs in the bug tracker because:
- They have been given completely different titles than I gave them
- I don’t get any feedback email as to whether or not they get created (with a reference link)

b) When I can find my bugs, they have much worse descriptions than I gave them, missing a lot of the information I’d gathered and sometimes having outright errors in the details.

What is the point of properly testing around bugs, finding out as much information as possible and carefully detailing that information, if the bug tracking system just throws it away and replaces it with a less-informative and error-prone summary, without any link back to the original report?

Seriously, let us submit directly into the real bug tracker. If you are afraid of the engine developers being bogged down in excessive reports, then simply add a filter to hide the bugs until they have been verified - but keep the initial bug reports with their original descriptions (and allow the submitters to add more information.)
If the descriptions aren’t great, let the verifiers add to the description, but never remove the original one.
The current system is a joke.

Tbh this whole bugtracking nonsense is so **** annoying, i just want to poke around with engine on my spare time without encountering bugs in the common tools that are supposed to be used by majority. It would’ve been fine if bug reporting was easy rather than 10 million hurdles of searching submitting and waiting for a blessing from above. So much easier to just switch to Unity and forget this… still don’t want to give up though :\ Sry for flooding.

The problem with the new bug submission form ist the missing feedback. I’ve submitted a bug a week ago that is easy to reproduce with a sample project. I want to know the state of this issue. Can it be reproduced by Epic? Has anyone seen this bug report? Or maybe it wasn’t submitted by any technical reason? There is simply no feedback. No mail from Epic in my inbox. No issue was created in the issue tracker. Simply nothing. That’s annoying.
And there is no statement from Epic in this thread since October last year.

My personal issue is that historically, the support technicians who were interacting with bug reports in the AnswerHub were often times misunderstanding the bug and dismissing it as user error. It usually took weeks and half a dozen people and example projects to convince them of the error. Now this option doesn’t exist any more and I’m afraid that many legit report will end up being thrown out due to this.