Unreal Engine augmented reality is unusable. Badly managed camera


Hi everyone. I am creating a virtual reality software and I am very satisfied with eu4. Now the problem is that I would like to provide the same service for augmented reality but I noticed the poor quality and bad management of the camera that unreal projects have. Most likely I will have to work on Unity3d redoing many things …

I noticed that unity better implements AR applications on camera management.

The biggest problems are on the background noise of pixels. It is as if it were increasing ISO value (reflex parameter) and too high gain creates this low and annoying image quality. Besides the fact that auto exposure and autofocus are not present.

Is there a way to not lose so much quality from the device’s default camera? I tried the unreal default projects on a lot of devices (tablets and smartphone). Always the same problems. On tablets it’s worse

Can you share screenshots for comparison in the same light condition?

I tried ARKit on iOS. Im my experience AR sample projects from Apple for Xcode and Unreal projects look the same.

Also there absolutely is an “Enable Autofocus” option, you can set the Video format and frame rate for AR footage (“get supported AR video modes” to figure out what your device is capable of) and you can set camera image quality/compression and scale.

Thanks for the reply.

Attached 3 screenshots in the same lighting conditions (Unity example, ue4 example and smartphone camera).

One of the biggest problems is the lack of brightness. It is as if on unreal he could not communicate the mechanisms of the standard camera. The gain is raised too much and there is too much annoying noise.

for the eu4 project i followed the official guide and started from the project they released. Are there any secret settings I’m ignoring? :frowning:

Thanks, that helps. It really is the exposure, that is too high.
I noticed there is a UI Widget with a sun icon on bottom left of your photo. It looks like it’s purpose is to control brightness. Does it control exposure or post processing?

I would recommend to create a fresh new project from the unreal templates (HandheldAR) and put it on the same device without any changes
in order to find out if the problem lies in engine/plugins or in a project setting.
If a fresh new project has the same problem, it needs to be reported as a bug.

A bit more cumbersome would be to try an updated Version of ARCore.
Unreal Engine installed from the EpicGamesLauncher uses an old ARCore Version 1.6. Unity can use the current ARCore 1.10. That might be a reason too.
On the ARCore Website is a link to Google’s version of Unreal Version with ARCore 1.7, not sure if it would solve the problem thou…

In this regard all developers with AR projects share your disappointment with Unreal Engine. Mobile AR is neglected since November 2018 with no further information and lacking behind since.
Such a shame. :frowning:

I only have experience with unreal but I want to create an AR project. Should I learn how to do it in Unity?

Difficult question, it depends on what you want to achieve.
I don’t know how much of an effort that would be, as I have very little experience with Unity.
I’d say start prototyping with Unreal Engine and find it’s limits for your project.

Basic things like spawning a level and actors in AR is no problem in Unreal. Something like “The Machines”.
But when going deeper with advanced features (object detection, collision with tracked geometry not only UE4 level, AR multiplayer) it can become frustrating.
A lot of experimentation is necessary because there is no documentation, only a few hints from epics Joe Graf on Medium:

Disclaimer: my experience is with Unreal and ARKit on iOS, not ARCore. As mentioned above, for ARCore you are stuck with old Versions of ARCore and UE 4.21, so that’s something to consider if you want cross-platform.

The preview of 4.23 has just been released and they have updated ARcore. They also solved my problem.

That’s great news!
(well… relatively. updated to ARCore 1.7 (current is 1.10!), no info on ARKit 3, and promised AR samples for UE4.21 are nowhere to be found in UE4.23)

What problem did they solve? For me AR in general is pretty wonky in UE4. Currently waiting on a fix for this so I can get back to my AR Door template: Unreal Engine Issues and Bug Tracker (UE-77463)

Hey folks. Similar Problem here,
i am working on a BluePrint only AR app for a few months. Now it is near completion and works as expected on android devices.
On iOS devices however i ran into quite some problems. The main one is the strange camera image quality. It appears as if the camera has zoomed in quite a bit or cropped a big chunk out. It also has really bad image quality compared to the iOS camera app.
The first picture is taken with a blank AR project but this is basically how it looks in my app. Auto exposure and auto focus seems to work though.
I have to deliver this thing so any hint on how to solve this issue would be appreciated.

Some further information:

I started the project with an ARcore template on engine version 4.20 on Windows PC. For iOS deployment i had to switch to Mac and 4.23 because 4.20 had a shader compiling issue.
Xcode 11 / MacOS Catalina 10.15 / iphone 6s, iPad Pro 12.9 inch / iOS 13.1.3 / UE4.23