Unreal Engine 5 Plugin Support

Just wandering when all the plugin developers on marketplace are going to port their plugins to Unreal Engine 5 or whether it is easy enough to just recompile them to UE5. Would love to have most major plugins working for the Early Access release instead of having to wait for the production release in 2022

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it came out 5 hours ago lol, give them time to do it.


In the past we haven’t been able to even select “supports new engine version” in the Marketplace Publisher portal until it’s released as stable and out of preview/early access. I just checked, and we’re not able to select 5.0 as a supported version. I’m guessing it will be the same for 5.0.

I haven’t yet looked at the viability/ease of getting my plugins to support 5 yet, but it drastically depends from plugin to plugin. Some will work out of the box, others will need drastic changes.

However, you probably won’t see anything released on the Marketplace until stable release. It would suck if that means waiting until 2022 for any of these projects to start using UE5 in their production project. Perhaps Epic will allow plugins for EA down the road. It may take a couple months though.


As Incanta says, it depends on the plugin code. Mine transfer easily, others’ like DoN’s Meshpainting require big changes I can’t be bothered to take care of myself. And if the marketplace doesn’t offer a structure to distribute the plugins on UE5 to those who purchased the plugin, we don’t really have an option to distribute even if we upgrade for UE5 right now.

Your best option as an individual user right now is to contact individual authors or recompile the plugins you use yourself and fix issues as they come up. I’ve started a thread to help people upgrade their C++ code to UE5: Ue5 C++ Upgrade Tips. You can use it to help you fix issues in plugins when migrating.

For my part, since iTween is free I’ll be upgrading it and posting a UE5 version soon, but for Runtime DataTable and easyCSV buyers will have to contact me directly to get a Windows dev version.

iTween : Free, smooth, procedural object animation
easyCSV : Read data from any CSV and put them in an easy-to-access string map!
Runtime DataTable : Import and export game data to and from CSV or Google Sheets while your game is running!


I have already upgraded a few of my plugins, but can’t publish them to Marketplace :slight_smile:

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How to Build UE5 Plugins For Marketplace Distribution

Here’s my tutorial with pics on how to prepare a UE5 plugin for distribution on the marketplace (or for your own local use!)



PS: As others have mentioned I don’t think we can publish yet, but here’s how you can get ready and deal with any * ahem * unusual compiler errors that don’t show up when you build the plugin just for your own project

:kangaroo:goes back to fixing such compiler errors:kangaroo:


In the state it’s currently at, never. just like .26

There’s absolutely no point in pushing anything to market on an engine that cannot provide a decent and reliable performance.
I’d seriously rather push the same plug-ins off to other engines at this point.


What engine would you recommend then?

Cryengine is possibly the best performance, but you have to really work to get stuff to look realistic.

Unity looks slightly less good, gfx wise, but its a solid contender.
Actually, performance and stability wise it blows ue4 out of the water. and when you reach out to the devs about bugs you not only get responses in a timely fashion, but they also actually fix the bug in the next release.
This is something UE4 has literally never done:
Send a report, get a response 3 months later by some poor guy that has to figure it out when the engine version isn’t even current anymore. Get a link to the issue with a voting system that no one gives 2 craps about. And never have your bug fixed.
That’s the unreal way.

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And then you get on Unity forums and people over there are complaining how Unity overpromises, never delivers, never listens to them, it’s buggy, that everything or something is broken. Is grass greener on the other side?

I think it’s clear by now that Epic Games and UE5 will have the best technology and be number one considering everything they give to their community, the free content, the kickass engine5, training, devs hanging out in the forums actually listening and responding, UE devs doing live broadcasts (Twitch, Youtube) to talk in details about new features and responding to questions in real-time.

Epic does a lot of things right and not only that but it does them better than anyone else in the business.

If only 1/16th of that were true I wouldn’t suggest moving to a different engine…

Since this topic is about Unreal plugins, maybe you want to enlighten Unity users here:
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Great question! Just what I wanted to know also. i download the final UE5 and none of the 6 plug-in I use on a daily basis work.