Unreal Engine 5 - Packaging error on Windows 10

Packaging a project works well in UE4 on my pc, but when I try to build a project in UE5 I get the following message:

“The SDK for Windows is not installed properly, which is needed to generate data. Check the SDK section of the Launch On menu in the main toolbar to update SDK.”

I have never had an error like this before, and generally work in Blueprint. Where do I find this ‘Launch On’ menu to rectify the situation?

Thank you for the assistance.

I had the same problem


Thank you PasserBy, I did install it, but unfortunately I still get the same error message.

Is there something I am missing, do I have to go somewhere to run this ‘Launch On’ toolbar?

(this is probably going to be something obvious, that will make me feel dumb)

I don’t really know

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Thank you, I will continue the conversation there. That way once It is solved, all the information is centralized. Your help has been very much appreciated.

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Thank you, after all, this worked for me.

Try this link, I downloaded the universal SDK installer and then it worked for me.

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Problem fixed here SDK Not Setup UE5 - YouTube

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