Unreal Engine 5 licensing


I am quite surprised how well Unreal Engine 4 is developing. And the new licensing for the engine is great, especially for the indie community. With rapid development, looking back towards the previous versions, I can’t help to wonder about the future of UE. After 4.9 I expect it to enter 5.0 at some point. This leaves me wondering if the same licensing terms for UE5 will be applied.

So as the title implies, will UE5 continue the footsteps of UE4.x, or will UE4.x be the one and only version that is to be as free as it is today?


Doubt it, I mean, in my opinion it’d be a bad business move to make UE5.x paid, but I’m not Epic Games, so I can’t exactly tell what they’re planning…

It is way too soon to think about UE5.
They probably have not even started work on it!

Also, I hope they do the same thing for UE5.

I recall reading a forum post somewhere that after 4.9 it will be 4.10, then 4.11, etc…

Again a thread about UE5? After 4.9 they will continue with 4.10.

They are using something like this versioning schema: Major - Minor - Maintenance - Build

You can read about it here:


Unreal 5 won’t show its face for at least the next 5~10 years.
When they think it’s needed, will be something in the matter of DirectX12 only, real-time raytracing render as default and maybe even VR only :stuck_out_tongue:
For now EU4 is still on top of the mountain and there’s no need for a UE5.

lol, really?

The next engine version to be released after 4.9 will be 4.10.

There are currently no plans for a UE5. Long live UE4!

I’d give it at least another 7-8 years before you hear anything about Unreal engine 5, that would be a very unwise move from Epic Games.

Long live UE4 indeed! Until the true heir UE5 comes! Then we shall have a revolution!


…which is apparently a post with too few characters. Such a shame, because as they say, brevity is the mother of wit, and now it’s all ruined.

Hi, yes the licensing and capability of UE4 is quite impressive. Here’s to another five great years of game development with UE4 2015-2020 :slight_smile:

To clarify, I don’t think we will see much changes to the licensing model of UE4.8, 4.9, 4.10, etc. as there is another huge goldrush of creating virtual reality games.

Alongside competition with Unity 5, Autodesk, etc. I would say the generous licensing terms of UE4 and Unity5 will continue.

PS. I was at a theme park over the weekend, massive opportunities for VR themeparks or arcades with VR capabilities.

UE5… lol

Epic should pull a M$ and skip 4.9 going straight to 4.10.

Or, in order not to be outdone, release 4.9 as “UE6”.

Then force us to update to the newest version! :wink:

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4.9, 4.10, 4.11…

I don’t understand what is going on.

Why have SO many “UE5” threads been showing up lately?

No offense to anyone, I’m just saying.

Plus… you’d think if UE5 was coming soon… it would be big news with banners and stickies and stuff.

~ Jason

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