Unreal Engine 5 - How to get Lumen translucent shadows?

I hope everyone is doing well this week?

I am currently working on first Arch Viz test project in Unreal Engine 5. What I am struggling with is getting my glass panel to cast a shadow with lumen? Is this possible?

Here is an image of the scene element I am referencing. It is for the glass panel being used for the balustrade.

How do I get the glass to cast a faint translucent shadow using Lumen as the lighting solution?

Any assistance would be much appreciated.

Epic said that translucent materials aren’t currently compatible with lumen in the alpha.

Thank you for bringing that to my attention, I must have misunderstood that as being in reference to Nanite.

Do you know if this also extends to how the Depth of field is implemented in the CineCameraActor though?

Here is what an exaggerated example of this looks like in my scene:

Or am I missing something else?

I did manage to sort out the DOF issue by setting ‘Render After DOF’ to false in the material