Unreal Engine 5 Crash

Hello, Since yesterday I have this very interesting problem that I cannot resolve as I am unable to find the source.
When I open UE5 and click on anything with dropdown, such as project settings, File, Edit and i hover over the options the UE freeze for like 2 seconds and then it closes down without any message.

Solutions I have tried:

  • I have Reinstalled Unreal Engine and Epic Games Luncher
  • I have tried different version like UE 5.1 Preview
  • I have created a new project and without changing anything I tried and it crashes
  • I have tried to read crash log reports but I am not able to find anything.

I have no idea why this is happening, but I am unable to use Unreal engine which is really annoying.

Please if you have any idea let me know

Hey @Younes_RM, Welcome to the forums!
Could it possibly be a GPU driver error, you may need to update your driver if nothing else has worked for you. I also found another forum post that talks about some driver errors, I’ll leave the link if you think any of these errors could be caused by that:

I hope this can help!

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Do you have MSI Afterburner installed?

Yes I do

I have resolve this issue after 2 days, not sure what was causing it but this is what I did if it happens to someone else.

installed windows updates (optional ones too)
Done a RAM Test Diagnostic
also downgraded my GPU driver to recommended version rather than optional (which was one below)

restarted my PC and no more crash so far.

after going to Event viewer in Windows I saw the crash was because of some different DLL files so I took the above stages recommended on google.


I had the very same problem and resolve it by ‘downgrading’ my Nvidia GPU drivers from 517.48 (GR) to 517.40 (SD).

Close it and relaunch UE5 to see if it works.

I see you already sorted it out.