Unreal Engine 5 and Arduino UNO

Greetings Everyone, I am doing my FYP on Unreal Engine 5.1. The basic idea is to use a Physical Cycle, Connect some sensors to it and the simulate the ingame cycle using the data from those sensors.

I am using Arduino UNO and the sensors i am using are (1. Hall Effect Sensor for RPM, 2. Pulse Sensor for heartrate 3. Analogue Stick for steering movement left and right). To ge the Data from serial port into unreal engine i am using UE4Duino Plugin which is working perfeclty fine for me.

Now getting to the main point of interest, i am facing alot of issues but the most frustrating ones are that i have no idea how can i use the float data coming from the analogue sensor (0 to 1024 range) and use that to steer my character left/right based on the input.

And the second issue is that all sensors data comes in the same stream and read as a single string using the before mentioned plugin so how can i split the data into different variables.

Any help would be much appreciated and i can provide more info if needed. Please HELP :persevere:

Convert the incoming data from the analog sensor to a floating point number. You can do this by dividing the incoming data by 1024.0f. This will give you a float value in the range of 0 to 1.

Then create a float variable in Unreal Engine to store the incoming data from the analogue sensor. You can do this by creating a Blueprint or by creating a C++ variable.

Finally use the data from the float variable to steer your character left or right. You can do this by using the data from the float variable to set the rotation or position of your character.