Unreal Engine 5.2 Preview

Download Unreal Engine 5.2 Preview from the Epic Games launcher, GitHub, or for Linux!

Alongside feature refinements and stability improvements, Unreal Engine 5.2 pushes the boundaries of what creators can expect, delivering innovative new functionality with cross-industry applications. Test-drive new features and help us catch issues before the final release. As fixes are implemented, we will release updated previews throughout the development cycle.

Please be aware that preview releases are not fully quality tested, are still under heavy active development, and that they should be considered as unstable until the final release. Developers should not convert their projects for active development on preview releases. Please test on copies of your project instead.

Unreal Engine 5.2 Roadmap

5.2 Preview Summary

Procedural Content Generation Framework
The new in-editor and runtime Procedural Content Generation Framework (PCG) enables you to define rules and parameters to populate large scenes with UE assets of your choice, making the process of large world creation fast and efficient.

Substrate is a new way of authoring materials that give Unreal Engine users more control over the look and feel of objects used in real-time applications such as games and linear content creation.

VP improvements
Unreal Engine 5.2 Preview offers multiple improvements to virtual production workflows through new shot creation and scene control tools. For example: shooting with multiple VCams is now possible, giving filmmakers more creative power.

Apple Silicon support
The Universal Binary of Unreal Engine that natively supports both Apple Silicon and Intel CPUs to the Unreal Editor is now available to download from the Epic Games launcher.

Known & Fixed Issues

The following are known issues:

  • Preview 2 unavailable for download
    • Unreal Engine 5.2 Preview 2 has been removed from the Epic Games launcher and GitHub. More news about 5.2 coming soon!
  • Embedded Browsers on Mac
    • When using embedded web browsers (for instance, Quixel Bridge) in the editor on Mac, there is a conflict with Menu Shortcuts and text fields in the browsers. Docking these web views will make the problem more frequent, so it is suggested to leave them floating. If you have problems, you can use right-click to paste text into the fields to work around the crash, or you can unbind the menu shortcuts from the Common Viewport Commands that do not use the Command-key.
  • 2019 VS Code issue text
    • Compiling in the installed engine using the Visual Studio on 2019 toolchain may encounter linker errors, these will be addressed for the full release of 5.2. The current workaround for Preview 2 is to compile with VS2022.
  • Intel Mac crash reporter window
    • Intel Mac users may see issues with the engine crash reporting window having less useful data than normal. This will be fixed for the full release.

If you discover any additional issues with this preview release, please report them using the guidelines in the link: How to Report a Bug

Fixed in Preview 2

Issue Summary
UE-179966 Missing icon for the Media Plate Actor
UE-179967 Media Plate Actor doesn’t appear under Place Actor Media Category
UE-179917 -PixelStreamingUrl=ws:// (leaving port off) will crash UE with an assertion
UE-181746 VCAM web client is consuming left mouse clicks as if its PIE
UE-180956 Embedded signalling server does not serve the /images directory properly since it’s been moved under /Public
UE-180058 Streamers aren’t getting deleted
UE-177124 Pixel Streaming showcase does not use new frontend
UE-179918 It’s possible to MassEntityQueries on archetypes missing the required data or subsystems
UE-181009 Enum / User defined struct not working in game
UE-179869 Editor Crash due change of default Control Rig of C++ class on Actor Mesh Component
UE-179762 Crash disconnecting pin in control rig function when function is referenced in another control rig
UE-179748 Can’t store Arrays in Metadata
UE-181092 Dramatic Control Rig Performance Issue
UE-172608 Control Rig: Renaming Control loses it’s animation
UE-181764 RigVM: Array Get Num dispatch returns incorrect opcode
UE-175589 Crash trying to rename retarget pose that is not current using python
UE-181609 Animation sequences containing curves are always marked as modified after opening
UE-178469 AnimSandbox - Assertion failed: bUseRawDataOnly in AnimSequence.cpp when copy/pasting anim curves from one animation sequence to another
UE-180971 Anim node function flag serialization does not work in versioned builds
UE-174431 TickComponent and PostPhysicsTick in SkeletalMeshComponent can cause simultaneous read/write access
UE-179782 Exporting an Animation Sequence from a Sequence that has a spawnable causes a crash
UE-181608 Curve colors are lost when upgrading to AnimSequence data structure
UE-180071 Can’t record actor
UE-181622 Animation Attribute curves are not updated/reflecting reimported data
UE-168815 CopyPoseFromMesh on lower LODS
UE-180976 Animation curves can be incorrectly remapped after saving
UE-180975 MH plugin export functionality can cause animation compression deadlock
UE-177425 AnimSequence are always rebuilt in Lyra
UE-179949 Start Position on an Anim Sequence is ignored when assigning a Sync Group
UE-174837 Unable to click and create a Child Anim Blueprint with Skeleton
UE-173759 Editor sometimes crashes when trying to compile an Animation Blueprint that extends a class with AnimInstanceProxy
UE-178502 Editor crashed when selected the property menu of the copy of a track with animation blend.
UE-177795 Can no longer animate a skeletal mesh in a packaged build
UE-178963 Crash after trying to open or save Level Sequence asset
UE-181758 Can’t bake Constraints in nested sub sequences
UE-179373 Sequencer: Hide Time Undo with CVAR
UE-179305 Copies of deleted constraints are added with the newly added constraint after Undo
UE-179884 Adding parent constraint to control rig in shot crashes the editor
UE-181133 UE crashing when trying to switch spaces on CLA rig on a nested LS
UE-180443 Setting Vertex Delta Model on blueprint using NMM MLD asset crashes
UE-144848 Map Niagara_Fluids on Project ContentExamples Renders without light on Galaxy S7 Mali
UE-180843 [Alias Wire] Issue with parts positions
UE-180715 USD - Collapsing vertex count limit no longer works
UE-175273 Cannot add a Reference to a Prim in USD Stage
UE-180850 USD - Changing material purpose doesn’t affect the viewport
UE-181902 Unsaved and source control columns in the scene outliner are not functioning
UE-180926 LogSpam: InvalidateAllWidgets; Running PIE in any project
UE-179812 Reference Viewer’s AutoPopulateFilters seem to not show any referencers
UE-181200 Some variables have their parameters name shown in the message with when logging with UE_LOGFMT
UE-179376 CancellationToken error when building a GitHub version of Linux Release 5.2 Preview 1 build
UE-180345 FCachedPropertyPath related link error with Editor Clang NoPCH build
UE-180990 Deferred actors are sometimes saved before being run during cook because of a missing flush
UE-178298 Crash could occur on Mac when working with Niagara
UE-179732 JobObject appears to break /ZI pdb compiles
UE-179719 VS2019 can be selected when installed if the only version of 2022 is preview or community when generating projects
UE-139171 Crash converting an actor to a lightweight instance
UE-116296 Crash assigning static mesh to LightWeightInstanceStaticMeshManager
UE-178689 [CrashReport] UnrealEditor-Kismet!SKismetInspector::MakeContextualEditingWidget(FKismetSelectionInfo &,SKismetInspector::FShowDetailsOptions const &) [SKismetInspector.cpp:212]
UE-181567 MeshCreateBoneWeights has a wrong type
UE-176209 Cooker has been blocked from saving the package on Windows
UE-180517 Lyra fails to package for Linux due to error: Failed to copy …\Engine\Binaries\Linux\EpicWebHelper
UE-180986 TSan identified a race condition in UnixPlatformFile.cpp related to FileMapCache
UE-181961 Callstack showing Unknown() Address on Macs with M1 processor
UE-181647 Intel Mac Compiles Apple in Development Configuration and Intel in Development Editor
UE-181935 Cannot open packaged game on Mac
UE-172403 DLOpen Bug in MacOS
UE-181328 InstallBuilds of Mac Editor not properly signed
UE-180026 Modulated Shadows are incorrectly drawn on Android Vulkan
UE-177068 Match3 crashes on launch with RegisterNatives received NULL jclass in call to RegisterNatives
UE-173286 BundleDisplayName is not localized for packaged IOS project created with RemoteBuild
UE-180363 Webbrowser Widget on Android does not display WebGL or video content
UE-179372 Flickering artifacts occur in the Mobile Game Project on iOS
UE-179396 Player falls through the ground in the Mobile Game Project
UE-181263 Android packaging has unneeded dependency on unused build-tools version
UE-173267 Crash occurs opening projects packaged with Mac on iOS
UE-181351 Cannot install Android Shipping packages on Mac
UE-179525 Mobile Rendering - Crash - Crash occurs opening OpenGL Deferred Android project packages
UE-180069 Android project in GL mode fails to open with Assert on OpenGLES.h
UE-181215 Unsupported PixelFormats can be triggered on iOS
UE-178445 Incorrect RegEx for matching double digit iOS device profiles
UE-181849 Splitscreen starts without focus causing black screen on Android
UE-179774 Controller models do not appear
UE-176854 OpenXR - Editor crashes when performing a VRPreview with either Android Vulkan or Shader Model 3_1 Preview Rendering level selected and MMV enabled
UE-178055 OpenXR not providing poses at edit time with -xrtrackingonly
UE-147601 Crash when visualizing DOF Layers
UE-181343 Light function materials using WorldPosition do not render correctly to volumetric fog if there is more than one
UE-180328 Engine Crashes when opening Level
UE-181244 Unreal Editor Stalls and stops Responding after Launching the Lyra Project
UE-181562 Black screen with TSR on NaniteTest
UE-175285 Editor crashes when the viewport is selected after the Visualize effect Depth of Field Layers is toggled on
UE-180965 Adreno OpenGL crash when initializing arrays
UE-179502 Automotive Materials - ClearCoat Specular Artifact with Saturation ~1
UE-180556 Alpha channel is dirtied when Anti-Aliasing Method set to TSR
UE-179342 [CrashReport] Assertion failed: Size > 0 [File:D:\build++UE5\Sync\Engine\Source\Runtime\D3D12RHI\Private\D3D12Buffer.cpp] [Line: 308] Attempt to create buffer ‘Shadow.Virtual.VisibleInstances’ with size 0.
UE-181841 Hardware Ray Tracing is missing culling defaults
UE-177512 Content Example stands have poor Lumen GI in DX11
UE-181460 Niagara Decals need a sort key to fix flickering
UE-180029 Crash caching 3D Fluid Niagara system with Attribute Capture Mode: Capture Explicit Attributes Only
UE-179871 Renderer Only SimCache Flickers
UE-176489 Particle attribute bindings showing up incorrectly for other emitters
UE-181464 Crash when setting Niagara Position Array with null component
UE-181610 Crash when opening Niagara Fluids due to the resource return type for component 0 declared in the shader code (SINT) is not compatible with the resource type bound
UE-179361 Niagara assets have no icon for the refresh
UE-180895 Emitter/System editors are missing various icons
UE-173998 Crash when creating a new User Parameter in the User Parameters window when a custom hierarchy Section is selected
UE-179530 Enabling or disabling a Simulation Stage does not dirty the emitter to allow for applying the change or saving the asset
UE-179722 NiagaraFluids Content example is not properly casting shadows with Heterogeneous Volume rendering
UE-174719 Each time you change a variable property the parameters pane resets
UE-174001 Crash when attempting to move a user parameter from the User Parameters panel atop the Hierarchy window
UE-181325 Path Traced image is darker than expected in some lighting conditions
UE-167096 Alchemist GPU crashes when opening projects with -vulkan
UE-166774 Crash when opening ContentExamples for Vulkan with AMD graphics card: EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION reading address 0x0000000000000000
UE-177065 AMD driver times out with Nanite support for Vulkan fix
UE-178210 Assertion failed: PendingComputeState->GetCurrentShader() == ComputeShader when attempting to Simulate 3D Niagara Gas Fluids
UE-176105 r.GTSyncType 2 console command causes incorrect frame rate display on Windows platform
UE-171188 With Vulkan RHI, Switching Rendering Preview to SM5 Crashes the Editor
UE-181050 Lyra Packaged game crash when running with -vulkan -vulkanDebug -log arguments on windows
UE-175014 Crash when using D3D12 RHI with -nothreading
UE-177811 Newly created First Person C++ template project compiles shaders in an Installed Build created from RunUAT BuildGraph
UE-179862 ShooterGame crashes occasionally with an Unhandled Exception: EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION reading address 0x0000000000000000
UE-181615 ORTDml interface declare model is running on CPU while it is running on GPU
UE-181014 Content Examples Physics Map Second Blue Cube hovers instead of moving from side to side on Example 1.5
UE-181338 Abnormal Shutdown when reverting a change on a mask within a Skeletal Mesh asset
UE-180135 The offroad vehicle in the TP_VehicleAdvBP is sitting through the ground.
UE-180441 Damping Coefficient too weak
UE-181261 Mannequins joints stay bent when not simulating
UE-176607 NearestNeighborModel is broken without external python dependencies
UE-179887 Editor Crash when using -onethread command line argument
UE-181240 OCIO profile not being applied to the wall
UE-178767 M_ShowSource is Invalid on Nanite Static Meshes, Forces Default Material in nDisplay Node
UE-179742 Color Correct Regions: Crash when closing the editor
UE-174743 Stage App does not differentiate between UV light card and light cards in details panel
UE-175924 Stage app labeling does not differentiate between light cards and flags
UE-173287 Various RemoteControl game mode issues
UE-181448 Anamorphic Undistortion Material does not apply squeeze factors or lens rotation correctly
UE-180093 DMX - Ports generated or updated from the MVR importer are not saved
UE-179775 DMX - Undo removing a Fixture Patch changes Fixture ID of the Patch
UE-177416 DMX - Control Console ‘Save As’ keeps editing the loaded instead of the saved preset
UE-177840 DMX - Control Console keyboard short-cuts (e.g. Ctrl-S) don’t work
UE-180092 DMX - Datasmith MVR plugin does not handle the discrepancy of file names exported from vectoworks
UE-179295 DMX Pixel Mapper - Brightness on Output Mapping Renderer has no effect
UE-179296 DMX Pixel Mapping - fixtures in layout have incorrect appended number to name in UI
UE-181205 DMX - Control console is not available with the DMX Template
UE-158579 Remove/replace uses of master/slave found in LiveLinkOverNDisplay with base folder Source
UE-167935 When LiveLink is driving focus, user cannot change focus override setting
UE-179553 EXR MipMap Playback does not respond to Level Sequencer / Does not Render in nDisplay Node
UE-179818 Rivermax custom timestep always in error at launch
UE-179822 Image Reader Caching Issue (Tiles/Mips)
UE-180231 nDisplay Crash when Node backbuffer is Media Output and using 150% screen resolution.
UE-178966 Media EXR / Multi-User - Starting playback in a new Media Plate actor won’t transact to nDisplay nodes
UE-175061 Enable AnyThread buffer capture for Rivermax
UE-176713 RiverMax - UE failing to launch on LALab Control 1 starting CL - 24097343
UE-181084 Deadlock in media capture when using dx11 with experiemntal flag on
UE-181176 Remote Control - Crash when changing levels
UE-181179 Remote Control not releasing Midi Controller properly
UE-175336 Remote Control Web Interface bind address should not be
UE-180743 Compile errors in RemoteControlSettings.h and 15 others
UE-180480 Compile errors in RemoteControlWebsocketRoute.h and 2 others
UE-144137 Remote Control does not inherit material defaults
UE-181068 Compile errors in SRCPanelExposedField.cpp and Module.RemoteControlUI.cpp
UE-180586 Remote Control Security - Duplicated IP Setting
UE-179745 Changing the value of Remote Control WebSocket Server Port will generate a crash
UE-176324 Remote Control - Some routes circumvent the passphrase and RC validation
UE-180502 Remote Control Interface - Cannot input password from the web interface.
UE-180918 Remote control websocket server bind address can’t be set
UE-181152 Web Remote App - Restrict Server access breaks the communication with the API until Unreal is re-started
UE-181097 WebApp is failing to build since CL 24735357
UE-175341 Remote Control Web Interface: Disallow requests to /api/proxy
UE-176107 Remote API - Packaging with MIDI properties exposed fails
UE-179015 Can’t rename Group in In-Camera VFX Editor when name is empty to begin with
UE-181119 Crash when setting nDisplay Media Input/Output in Config Editor
UE-163884 NewNodeGroup in In-Camera VFX in the Light Cards Editor cannot be deleted
UE-180806 FPS capped at 24 on Render Nodes in the Origin Project
UE-179747 Metahuman Groom crash on ICVFX Stage Render Nodes
UE-175576 Layer creation not being transacted when joining MultiUser session
UE-179501 nDisplay - Multi-Processing OCIO is not correctly applied/composited on inner frustum shared texture
UE-174756 Enabling TextureShare plugin deadlocks (with 1.5s timeout) when launching 2 nodes on the same PC.
UE-182035 nDisplay ICVFX panel preview appears blown out in some projects
UE-180777 Light Cards are not Exposed to Cinematics
UE-180955 nDisplay sometimes renders ceilings in low quality
UE-180201 nDisplay crash when using global media settings latency of 1
UE-179493 nDisplay CLN::GetObjectsData called by unused nDisplay actors in the scene at runtime.
UE-180636 nDisplay Chroma key color selection dialog not working.
UE-178927 Moving nDisplay actor causes jumps in UV light cards
UE-176593 nDisplay significant perf drop when adding a light card in CitySampleVP
UE-176759 nDisplay - Crash right clicking on window after deleting viewport?
UE-174463 Passing custom data with nDisplay shared frames
UE-180056 Editor crashes when a DCRA instance is removed from the scene (DEL key)
UE-181110 NDisplay fails to update OpenColorIO Display-Views
UE-181336 OCIO fallback invalid pass isn’t visible anymore
UE-180364 FullScreenWidgetActor does not display widget
UE-169747 Light Mixer Panel - Changing Parameters on a Multi-Selection Only Change Values Of Lights On Screen
UE-178408 Animations recorded via Take Recorder are locked by random machines
UE-178725 Deleting locally saved Foliage is crashing nDisplay Node in Multi-User
UE-175197 Closing UnrealMultiUserSlateServer causes a Crash
UE-180062 Play mode missing play backwards and pause
UE-179750 Sequencer Playlists - Unbounded play removes sources from pending take
UE-180063 Playlist item sidebar should be arranged in a 2x2 rather than 1x4
UE-180061 Sequencer Playlists missing final icons (5.2)
UE-176188 Pause All button does not pause any assets
UE-177168 Switchboard - Engine sync method regression for Use Existing
UE-180945 Switchboard - Issues with co-located nDisplay multi-process devices
UE-179752 Engine Build is always behind what switchboard is expecting
UE-179771 Switchboard sometimes not populating list of ndisplay devices
UE-179572 Switchboard: Often incorrectly displays build required, even immediately after building
UE-181891 Switchboard - Unhandled exception when workspace Setting is None
UE-179973 Match Remote Resolution not functioning
UE-179690 Some VCam states are broken
UE-181399 Proxy Camera does not respect the record settings of the Virtual Camera
UE-181153 VCam HUD widgets are focusable and selected when using a gamepad
UE-180014 Axis input continues to be applied after stopping when device is connected to the iPad
UE-181337 Deleting Pixel Stream LiveLink Source leaves VCam inoperable through iPad
UE-181586 Compilation errors Release-5.2
UE-179233 Undoing VCamActor after placing and closing editor results in crash
UE-181672 Memory leak in SensorCorrectionModifier and VCamInputSubsystem
UE-181273 Incorrect tooltip on ear menu buttons
UE-180212 Releasing an Ear Button after press and hold for tooltip will fire the button
UE-180222 When exiting Review Take, VCams do not reparent to their original viewports
UE-180012 Input Devices streamed from LiveLinkVCam App do not respect other Device IDs
UE-180648 Assert due to Memory Leak after Saving a Level with an active Vcam (HUD Enabled)
UE-180828 VCam is emitting warnings in log output due to invalid objects
UE-180782 MultiUser filter gets duplicate entry of CineSplineMetaData
UE-180169 Touch routing to bottom right corners if viewport breaks after dismissing the Live Link VCam Top Bar
UE-179891 FocusDistance in VCamHUD does not update when VCam is attached to Spline
UE-179624 Constraints do not transact
UE-179983 Exposure Compensation is not exposed to the details panel of the lens modifier
UE-180571 VCamMultiUser is missing VCAMCORE_API on structs
UE-179211 Memory waste and editor stuck due to huge user ID from iOS App
UE-180017 Next and Previous Lens Connections do not work
UE-177391 Spline mode does not transact changes from VCam HUD over MU
UE-179689 VCamMultiUser does not transact some focus settings
UE-181024 Autokey removes unrelated keyframe when spline point is deleted
UE-179776 Add tooltip to input device auto detection button
UE-180166 Bookmarks store whether debug plane is on
UE-180050 Errors when spline mode is open while take recorder is closed
UE-180048 CineCameraRigRail should be hidden in game
UE-180035 HUD does not show correct tracking distance when in Tracking Focus
UE-179816 EarMenu tooltip rescales HUD and does not appear in the correct position
UE-179716 Proxy Camera fails to unparent from CineCameraRigRail when VCam unparents
UE-180220 ProxyCameras are not uniquely named
UE-180041 Axes should not zero out when not inherited from CineCameraRigRail
UE-181136 ActorToTrack does not transact via VCamMultiUser
UE-180211 Launching VREd without a viewport open will crash engine
UE-158928 Entering VR mode from cinematic viewport results in blackscreen
UE-180210 Launching VREd without a viewport open will crash engine
UE-150017 Virtual Scouting - Hand controllers position is offset compare to SteamVR menu
UE-175736 VR Scouting - Viewfinder tool can interact with existing cameras in the level
UE-164469 The Viewfinder max zoom goes back to 70mm instead of increasing further in Virtual Scouting mode
UE-180435 Output log contains errors for FPCGSplineStruct
UE-176588 Undo/redo workflow should work (currently breaks callbacks it seems)
UE-180572 Sharing of ISMs on different nodes can lead to issues
UE-180575 [PCG] Actor pin unexpected data on landscape splines
UE-180054 Reuse ISM triggers a check under some circumstances
UE-180886 Node CRC issue - CRC does not correctly account for input pin label
UE-180872 Get Landscape Data node is crashing
UE-180157 [PCG] Crash on redo after GC
UE-180849 [PCG] Debug object dropdown resets on open
UE-179360 Undo settings change on SpawnActor node crash
UE-180053 Output points have invalid metadata after an intersection node
UE-181151 Investigate assert WP when using PCG
UE-181534 -run=Cook process is crashing when being ran due to !SourceCellName_DEPRECATED.IsNone()
UE-181455 Investigate crash when making levels

Awesome! Just starting playing with the scriptable tools. It’s amazing.

Still no support for Nanite on MacOS… :frowning_face:


Is the PCG sample with the forest landscape avaliable for download?


Dear Epic Games company, please fix the problem that occurs when drawing through vertex paint. The essence is this - when drawing individual modules (not combined into a bluprint actor), drawing vertices on the mesh occurs correctly as it should. BUT!!! when you combine modules into a blueprint actor, drawing vertices is impossible.
Thank you and have a nice day :slight_smile:

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It’s not Epic’s problem. It is hardware limitations of Mac. They said in roadmap. If you want graphics don’t use Mac :smiley:



You should add the render layer to Unreal. The vast majority of render layers created with unreal are completely useless. How I am as a visual production professional must compose the shot, but there is no benefit to using any layer. Since unreal 4 to unreal 5.2, the issue remains the same. Copy the layer concept of Arnold Vray or any other render engine and implement it into Unreal Simple.


I would like to see Verse in the UE


i really love unreal evolvng but i’m still don’t see some “issues being adressed” issues like “self collison” (how to make animation adapt self for diferent body shapes, fixing “any cliping”, like using the same walk animation for a tin and a super fat person, normally you would or have 2 animations one for tin and other for fat of manually try to "adjust the animation for the different body, it would be great if the animation could be adjusted itself in real time like outside collision and animations where you can make for exemple the hand/arm in animation adjust itself positions based on where it’s trying to touch, the same for itself body a way to make body parts don’t clip when animating based on body shapes it would try to adjust itself.

another issue is which unreal don’t see to have support for exporting morphs targets which "affect joints/bones, like for exemple i created in maya or in blender a height morph for a character then this morph will make the character big or small, both the "mesh and the skeleton but it don’t se to get exported to unreal, it only export the “mesh” transform, the bone transform get ignored and you have a morph which will make the mesh “big” or small but the skeleton still the same leading the animations issues, would be great a proper support to export morphs which also affects the joints, not just the mesh.


BUG: When you open some already existing scenes, shadows “goes” to 0,0,0, and then dissapear. No shadows in the scene at all.

Is there a full release list with all the bug fixes, additional changes, etc, per the norm with each release. All I find is press release info like this with new key features, but not the full list of changes.



Any updates regarding Lumen and Nanite compatibility on Mac OS with 5.2?

Running latest MacBook Pro, OS Ventura 13.2.1, M2 Max Chip, 96GB memory and 8TB RAM.


did any update with the pivot system of maya doesnt applied as same in unreal .in unreal when import asset from maya the pivot is not on same position in unreal like in maya

Getting a crash as soon as launching 5.2 Preview 1


Assertion failed: Handle [File:D:\build++UE5\Sync\Engine\Source\Developer\ShaderCompilerCommon\Private\DXCWrapper.cpp] [Line: 76] Failed to load module: …/…/…/Engine/Binaries/ThirdParty/ShaderConductor/Win64/dxil.dll


[UPDATE] Works now after installing latest nvidia drivers (which black screens when installing for me on multiple machines lately), and rebooting,… all good now

Graphics are pretty good on mac. :smiley:

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the graphics look amazing on Mac :raised_hands:t6:

Same question from me.