Unreal Engine 5.0 Released

5.0.1 , 5.0.2
Could not find a function with that name. This also clears up with my plugin. I had to create a copy of it under a different name to solve the problem. Deleting intermediate saved binaries Building and deleting folders in the plugin does not work. All plugin content including newly created functions not found. This happened 2 weeks ago. Today it happened to the engine functions in the screenshot.
Right-clicking “Refresh Nodes” allows you to use functions, but does not allow you to package.
UATHelper: Packaging (Android (ASTC)): LogInit: Display: LogLinker: Warning: VerifyImport: Failed to find script package for import object ‘Package /Script/AndroidPermission’
UATHelper: Packaging (Android (ASTC)): LogInit: Display: LogLinker: Warning: VerifyImport: Failed to find script package for import object ‘Package /Script/MobilePatchingUtils’
UATHelper: Packaging (Android (ASTC)): LogInit: Display: LogWorldPartition: Warning: Invalid world bounds, grid partitioning will use a runtime grid with 1 cell.

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After updating from 5.0.1 to 5.0.2 UE5, engine doesn’t open. It says that need repair. When I puss the repair button it shows me that screen. And now I cannot open any project in UE5.

What can I do to fix the problem???

Hello good day, I want to report a problem, I have found a spline mesh actor in the UE5.0.2 engine and I have the following problem
This problem happens when I start the executable, I have tried many ways to get the engine’s spline mesh actor working but nothing seems to work, This actor is native to the engine

The test was performed in Unreal engine 5.0.2

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why we have too much cpu and gpu usage in empty scene ?

where is select button in ue5 ?

Vis a vis: Unreal 5.0.1 - Virtual Heightmesh broken?

A LITTLE better w/taking 4.26 into 5.01. No errors and no need to rebuild anything, the landscape material is now fully working (painted layers show) but still stuck on that one square. Fuzting with and rebuilding parts of the world don’t seem to resolve it… Landscape Grass-layer seems to be borked as well (no grasses placed)

Seems to be consistently broken if Epic needs a testcase (contact me).



Also, the falloff on the virtual heightfield mesh seems broken:


Can Temporal Super Resolution substitute DLSS?
I’m asking because I didn’t compare performance cost between DLSS and Epic’s TSR yet.

what type of your desktop or laptop you use?

perhaps, you can uninstall it then install again…

Gtx 1060
32 gb ddr4

re: 5.0.2 hotfix - @Amanda.Schade
Template File (or any VR project)

PIE VR Preview, then take off your headset (I’m using Quest2), then put HMD back on, the game will freeze and the editor will crash rather than continuing tracking, as it did prior to patch…

I noticed this in my own project and then did a build of the template to see if it also happens. It does.

Crash Log Summary:
Assertion failed: PipelineState.FrameState.predictedDisplayTime [File:D:\build++UE5\Sync\Engine\Plugins\Runtime\OpenXR\Source\OpenXRHMD\Private\OpenXRHMD.cpp] [Line: 1950]

** seems to be a known issue. Epic response in another thread: OpenXR VR Template | Feedback and Discussion - #144 by VictorLerp

Due to low space in ssd
I had to transfer the Derived Data Cache to the HDD
Now I have 100% HDD usage
This problem only exists with unreal 5 and not with early access or 4.27
Are there any settings to solve this problem?
ue5 is destroying my hdd !

after closing ue5 5.0.2

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4.27.2 Storage Usage 2%

ask developers to fix this bug in 5.0.2


5.0.2 seems to be breaking translucent materials. No more glass for me. Has anybody else seen this problem?

I checked a couple of glass materials and they are fine. I suggest you make a dedicated topic (add as much relevant info you can gather) and link to it here.

OK, thank you. It’s just that I have a few scenes that rendered fine in 5.0.1 with glass and Lumen and now the material doesn’t work in 5.0.2.


I have issues with chaos solver that never came up before in 5.01. Just wondering if anyone else gets these crashes now:
Assertion failed: NumItems() < MaxItems() [File:D:\build++UE5\Sync\Engine\Source\Runtime\Experimental\Chaos\Private\Chaos\Evolution\SolverBodyContainer.cpp] [Line: 27]

hi @Face_Stergios23,
The problem is your antivirus software needs to be updated to indicated the new version. This means that the update fails. Tell your AV app to pause for 20 minutes while you edit/install the new version. The web google/bing is full of answers to this error code and shut down Steam if you use it

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Hi @frostic
I had to update the Epic Launcher to get the latest version. In Launcher click the settings and it will say update and restart click the button.

Then I could see the latest UE5 version