Unreal Engine 5.0 Preview

Preview 1 of the upcoming 5.0 release is available now on the Launcher and GitHub. We are making this Preview available so you can try our new features and help us catch issues before the final release. As fixes are implemented, we will release updated previews throughout the development cycle.

Please be aware that preview releases are not fully quality tested, are still under heavy active development, and that they should be considered as unstable until the final release. Developers should not convert their projects for active development on preview releases. Please test on copies of your project instead.

Links to known and fixed issues for this release are provided below. If you discover any additional issues with this preview release, please report them using the guidelines in the link: How to Report a Bug.

Known & Fixed Issues

5.0 Preview Summary

This list provides a brief summary of features and updates in this Preview which may benefit from additional testing. Not all updates may be listed. Full release notes will be made available with the final 5.0 release.

AI Updates:

  • Mass AI. Simulate thousands of agents with the new AI Crowd system designed for Open World AI simulation.

    • Smart Objects. Objects placed in a level that AI Agents and Players can interact with. These objects contain all the information needed for those interactions.

    • MassEntity. A new framework for data-oriented calculations.

    • Mass Avoidance. This is a force-based avoidance system integrated with MassEntity. The system provides high performance avoidance for any Entity using the MassEntity system.

    • StateTree. A general-purpose hierarchical state machine that combines the Selectors from behavior trees with States and Transitions from state machines. Users can create highly performant logic that stays flexible and organized.

Animation Updates:

  • Control Rig. We’ve added Functions and Collapsed nodes that have similar behavior as Blueprints, such as promoting Collapsed nodes to Functions, thumbnail previews of the graphs and breadcrumbs to multiple tabs.Control Rig Function Libraries will allow users to create Functions that can be used and shared with any Control Rig. These functions will appear quickly accessible in context menus in Control Rigs.

  • Pose Warping. This new set of tools allows you to get much more out of less animation data by procedurally modifying them to fit scenarios instead of building more content. Tools included are:

    • Stride Warping
    • Orientation Warping
    • Foot Planting
    • Slope/Stair Warping
    • Bone Chain Alignment

Audio Updates:

  • MetaSounds 5.0 Improvements (Beta). MetaSounds provide sample-accurate control and modulation of sound using audio parameters and audio events from game data and Blueprints. Users can compose MetaSounds within MetaSounds, define and implement parameter interfaces, and use a preset system to streamline workflows.

  • Audio Gameplay Volumes. Based on legacy Audio Volumes, Audio Gameplay Volumes feature component-based feature enablements integrated with the Unreal Audio Engine feature set, 3rd party extensibility, and tighter gameplay integration, including movability and dynamic transformations.

Core Updates:

  • Unreal Insights

    • Timing Insights Window. A new toolbar was added to the Timing view, splitting the Tracks drop down menu into multiple menus where you can look at different visualizations of the time your project spends on various tasks.

    • Memory Insights. Provides the capability to investigate memory usage and call stack tracing in your project. The runtime component traces events for every allocation, reallocation, or free event that occurs during runtime, then reconstructs that memory usage pattern during analysis.

    • Separate Server Trace Process. The Unreal Trace Server is run in the background as a single server instance and can be shared between multiple instances of your project.

    • Improved Late Connect. In previous versions of Unreal Insights, if your connection to the Insights program was late, then any one-time events(Important Events) would be missed before you could make a connection. Important events are now cached on the Unreal Engine client side, therefore they are sent to late-connecting machines during connection.

Editor Updates:

  • User Interface. General improvements have been made to the UI to streamline the user experience. Users can customize the Editor by:

    • Creating and saving custom themes to adjust the colors of the UI.
    • Docking tabs on the sidebars of the Viewport for quick access.
    • Saving properties that you use often as Favorites in the Details panel.
  • Multi-Tab Modes. Some modes are complex and need to display additional UI elements, so they have been redesigned into a tab system. This applies to Fracture Mode and Animation Mode. If you close a tab, you can always reopen it by selecting the tab from Window > Editor Modes.

  • Searchable Menus. You can now search in menus with nested submenus. Actions that match your search criteria within any submenu will be displayed for you to access.

  • Details Panel Sections. There is a new Sections bar at the top of the details panel. This area groups related categories together for improved browsing of properties.

  • Themes and Colors. Since the Early Access version, colors have been adjusted based on user feedback to reduce distracting contrast. Key elements and interactions have had colors added to them for improved visibility.

  • Sidebar Tabs. You now have the ability to pin a Sidebar Tab open.

  • Menu and Widget Reorganization. Some menus have been reorganized for improved clarity and usability.

Gameplay Framework and Scripting Updates:

  • Large World Coordinates (LWC). LWC introduces support for double-precision data variant types in UE5 where extensive changes are being implemented across all engine systems to improve floating-point precision

Niagara Updates:

  • Improved Simulation Stages. Simulation Stages are now production ready and also readily available directly in the Niagara Editor.
  • GPU Ray Tracing Collisions (Experimental). We’ve added the option to the Collision module to use ray tracing on the GPU. No matter whether the emitter and its particles are on-screen or off, or hidden behind an object, the collision will use raytracing to calculate an accurate result.
    • Note that the calculation is asynchronous, so the Niagara collision will be one frame behind.
  • Cascade Converter. The Cascade to Niagara converter will migrate Cascade assets to Niagara. It can still be accessed by right-clicking on a Cascade asset and selecting the option Convert to Niagara System.
    Improvements have been made under the hood to improve the way the conversion works, such as:
    • Niagara Scripts are now automatically arranged in the order of their dependencies. This means users will no longer have to fix the order of modules by hand.

    • The Light Renderer conversion has been improved.

    • Cascade Shape modules are now converted to the new Niagara Shape Location module.

Platform Updates:

  • Turnkey. Turnkey is a new system in Unreal Automation Tool (UAT) that simplifies platform support, including SDK installation and deploying builds to devices. The goal of Turnkey is to provide a pipeline where common operations like these are a simple “one-click” process for most users within an organization.
    Most of Turnkey’s options can be found in the Platforms menu in Unreal Editor.

Physics Updates:

  • Chaos Physics enabled by default. Chaos Physics is a light-weight physics simulation solution available in Unreal Engine 5, built from the ground up to meet the needs of next-generation games. The system includes the following major features:

    • Rigid Body Dynamics
    • Rigid Body Animation Nodes and Cloth Physics
    • Destruction
    • Ragdoll Physics
    • Vehicles
    • Physics Fields
    • Fluid Simulation
    • Hair Simulation
  • Chaos Destruction. Artists can define how geometry will break and separate during physics simulations.

  • Niagara Fluid Simulation. The fluid simulation system is designed to generate complex fluid effects for real-time environments that can be used in games and cinematics.

  • Physics Field System. Users can directly affect Chaos Physics simulations at runtime on a specified region of space. These Fields can be configured to influence the physics simulation in a variety of ways, such as exerting force on rigid bodies and cloth, breaking Geometry Collection Clusters, anchoring or disabling fractured rigid bodies, and interacting with rigid body animation nodes.

RAD Game Tools Updates:

  • Bink Audio. The Bink Audio codec developed by RAD Game Tools is now built-in. Bink Audio is a multiplatform, highly optimized, and memory efficient audio encoding for general purpose use. Enable it on your SoundWave assets with a simple checkbox under the “Format” header.

Rendering Updates:

  • Lumen Global Illumination and Reflections. A fully dynamic global illumination and reflections solution. The system renders diffuse interreflection with infinite bounces and indirect specular reflections in huge, detailed environments, at scales ranging from kilometers to millimeters.

    • High quality Diffuse Indirect and Sky Occlusion on opaque pixels
    • Lower quality Diffuse Indirect and Sky Occlusion on translucency
    • Reflections (Indirect Specular) which respect Material Roughness
    • Multibounce Diffuse Indirect
    • Offscreen reflection
    • Emissive materials to cast lights
  • Nanite Virtualized Geometry. Virtualized micropolygon geometry system enables developers to create games with massive amounts of geometric detail.

    • Added optimization controls to reduce the size of Nanite meshes on disk.
    • Nanite Auditing Tool. For projects converting from UE4 to UE5, the Nanite Auditing Tool can assist with moving a lot of existing content over to use Nanite and to diagnose Nanite content that becomes broken during development, such as unsupported features being enabled.
    • New Nanite visualization modes for the Level Editor accessible from the View Modes > Nanite Visualization menu.
    • Improvements for Nanite meshes to support lightmaps without lightmap UV seams artifacts.
  • Virtual Shadow Maps. Virtual Shadow Maps offers a single, unified shadowing method that automatically applies quality where it’s needed the most. Shadows can now have consistent quality for small and large objects over greater distances—with realistic soft penumbra and contact hardening—at a lower performance cost.

    • Percentage-Closer Filtering (PCF) blurs uniformly, removing important detail / Shadow Map Raytracing (SMRT) produces plausible soft shadows with contact hardening

    • New Virtual Shadow Map visualization modes for the Level Editor accessible from the View Modes > Virtual Shadow Map menu.

    • Improved scenes with foliage by integrating Virtual Shadow Maps with Distance Fields shadows for far field rendering.

  • Temporal Super Resolution (TSR). Provides native high-quality upsampling within Unreal Engine.

  • Path Tracer. Continued improvements to its physically correct and compromise-free results. It can be used for ground truth comparisons, standalone frame renders, and with Sequencer’s Movie Render Queue to render frames for high-quality cinematics.

    • Eye Shading model is now supported.

    • Solid glass now supports color absorption (using Beer’s law), which gives thick tinted glass the ability to refract in a realistic way. (Experimental)

    • PathTracingQualitySwitch expression for artists to develop the behavior of their materials for the Path Tracer without compromising the look and performance of the raster path for real-time.

  • Local Exposure. Local Exposure is a new adaptive tonemapping technique that automatically applies local adjustments to exposure (within artist-controlled parameters) that preserves both highlight and shadow detail, even when the dynamic range of the tone curve is exceeded. Local Exposure properties can be found in the Post Process Volume settings.

UMG/Slate Updates:

  • CommonUI Plugin. Common UI is a plugin that supports development of cross-platform user interfaces with complex navigation, such as those with multiple layers, popups, or sub-menus. Common UI’s features include:

    • A new library of Common UI Widgets that use styling elements from your Project Settings, providing a way to consistently style the most commonly-used widgets in your application.

    • A new Input Routing system that can give UI widgets selective interactivity, making it easier to manage multi-layered UIs and manage focus.

    • Support for console-specific UI elements, such as button icons for a specific controller.

    • Cardinal navigation management for gamepads.

    You can enable Common UI in the Plugins menu, listed as the Common UI Plugin.

Virtual Production Updates:

  • nDisplay Improvements. Added support for failover, viewport rotation in the nDisplay Config Editor, and overscan support for the inner frustum.
    Additional changes include:

    • Support for overlaying stats per viewport with projection policies

    • Improved Blueprint API

    • Frustum visualization and inner frustum border visualization

    • Viewport Rotation in Output Mapping. You can now apply transform operations to viewports, such as rotation and scale, directly in the Output Mapping panel of the nDisplay Config Editor.

    • Overscan for Inner Frustum. You can now apply overscan to the inner frustum, in addition to the outer frustum.

  • Console Variables Editor Plugin (Beta). The new Console Variables Editor is a panel that displays information about all the console variables and commands set in the project and provides a central location to view and modify all the variables. You can create presets to use the same console variables and values across multiple projects. The Console Variables Editor also has support for controlling console variables and commands across multiple computers in a Multi-User session.

  • OpenCV Plugin (Beta). OpenCV is now a standalone plugin. The plugin uses OpenCV version 4.5.4 and adds new Blueprint nodes, such as for ArUco marker tracking and chessboard tracking.

  • Remote Control Improvements. We added ways to reduce the amount of time spent setting up Remote Control Presets and Web Applications in new scenes:

    • Rebinding: Now you can open a previously created Remote Control Preset and rebind it to Actors in your new scene to relink the controls.

    • Templates: When you want multiple instances of an Actor with similar controls, you can now set a group of controls in your Remote Control Web Application as a template for an Actor. Switch the Actor instance in the web application to use the controls on that instance.

Fixed in Preview 2

Issue Summary
UE-143705 Add support for protocol activation in EOSPlus
UE-142916 Format string error: %ull used instead of %llu in online subsystem plug-ins
UE-142269 Add initialisation and check for EOS delegate causing crash
UE-142751 Stadia cook on the fly doesn’t work because of SocketSubsystemEOS load failure
UE-143654 ABI break in Pixel Streaming appearing in Packaged builds
UE-142086 Linux Pixel Streaming crashes due to WebRTC stats
UE-143972 CopyImage catastrophic performance loss on multicore systems
UE-143451 Disable VR plugins by default
UE-140854 Floats are still supported in Blackboard system
UE-143736 Path replication does not support more than 1 client
UE-143462 [AI] Mass Crash when no spawn point are generated through spawning
UE-143438 Shared Fragments are not supported correctly when executing SubChunks
UE-143435 Crowd visualization is flickering, multithreading issue from refactor.
UE-142835 [AI] Multiple initialization issues in Mass Modules
UE-141044 [AI] Mass - Remove improper reference in Mass Framework for 5.0 release
UE-143902 No static navmesh in world partition map when spawning far from NavMeshBoundsVolume
UE-143513 SetStartPosition does not work when anim nodes become relevant
UE-140057 //UE5/Main - UE.EditorAutomation(RunTest=Animation) Mac - CopyPose test fails due to unexpected values.
UE-143947 CopyPoseFromMesh and RetargetPoseFromMesh nodes have a bUseAttachedParent option but it doesn’t work when attached via a longer chain (e.g., via a child actor component)
UE-143028 Crash when exporting animation from retargeter
UE-143015 Rotation widget axes gets messed up while editing retarget pose post changing preview mesh.
UE-142450 The eye of the Spelunkle_SpringLeg_Actor moves chaotically and passes through the mesh during simulation
UE-142166 Retargeted animation on fingers not matching on same base pose
UE-143802 Migrating UE4 Controls Rig across to UE5 causes shapes named Gizmo to not appear.
UE-143801 Baking a Shareable Control Rig does not maintain target skeletal mesh’s initial proportions
UE-143276 Control Rig Function Library needs resaving
UE-143250 Custom Shape Libraries that are assigned in CR in UE4 do not get assigned that shape library when migrated or on opening a copy of the project in UE5.
UE-143185 Crash occurred on setting Parent < 0 in Animation Snapper Tool for Control Rig
UE-143109 Control Rig is no longer in beta
UE-141691 add(float) when used within array for each node’s is not receiving the correct input value in this use case
UE-143548 Add missing AnimDataController API for setting individual bone animation keys
UE-142913 Additive transform curve gives incorrect result when evaluating Animation Sequence
UE-142028 LODs can change unexpectedly based on assets showing in Content Browser
UE-139065 Notifies and Notify States cannot be deleted from the Notify track in Animation Montage.
UE-134758 Sequencer : Attaching a Possessable to multiple Spawnables across multiple cuts causes incorrect location restoration
UE-143755 AnimationMode; Snapper: Ensure hit if you snap to an object not in Sequencer
UE-143774 Motosynth Plugin Should be off on new projects and set to Experimental
UE-143508 submix buffer listeners don’t work if submixes are auto-disabled
UE-143168 Audio Platform Settings override platform max audio channels with default 32 on new projects
UE-141272 [Assert] - Cast of nullptr to SourceEffect failed
UE-141049 Crash when disabling audio engine modules
UE-138307 Rear and Surround channels are reversed when playing 7.1 assets
UE-135978 Enable Low Pass Filter Toggle is ignored on Audio Components
UE-124022 Streaming Priority Playback Setting is Not Used
UE-120913 GitHub 8277 : Fix SubmixEffect Fade Issue
UE-140348 [AudioLink] - Errors in Should Clear Buffer on Receipt tooltip
UE-140344 [Audio Link] - Engine Version string Warning on Packaging
UE-140114 [Audio Link] - Starvation warnings on PIE; spams when packaging game
UE-144095 [MetaSounds][Blueprint API] - Set Object Parameter has no effect when setting Sound Wave Arrays on Blueprints
UE-143938 MetaSounds - Crash when opening MetaSound graph on particular local asset
UE-143889 Sound Cue asset type is missing from the pinned menu when creating a new asset
UE-143661 [MetaSounds] - Editor crashes when playing a mono Bink Audio asset in MetaSound Wave Player
UE-143660 [MetaSounds] - Error and ensure when playing sound waves using Vorbis, ADPCM, or PCM in MetaSound Wave Player
UE-143657 [MetaSounds] - Tutorial MetaSound no longer plays back correctly
UE-143624 [MetaSounds] - Undoing deleting an input/output/variable does not repopulate the inspector; drag and drop becomes forbidden action
UE-143471 [MetaSounds] - Move add interfaces menu to be more discoverable
UE-143470 [MetaSounds] - Add right click menu to interface menu
UE-143043 [MetaSounds] - If a graph used in composition is not set to default values, an error occurs when passing a value from another node
UE-143040 [MetaSounds] - Enum conversion on Sine Waves is incorrect
UE-142956 [Metasounds] Gain input pins are not consistent (mix of linear & dB)
UE-142724 [MetaSounds] - Undoing adding inputs, outputs and variables doesn’t remove them from the list; can lead to Ensure.
UE-142560 [MetaSound] BreakSinglePinLink Results in Graph Desync Due to Missing MetaSound Implementation
UE-142556 [MetaSounds] Can’t Mark MetaSound DisplayName/Description as Not-Localized
UE-142410 [MetaSounds][Variables] - Deleting a copy/pasted variable node deleted all instances of that node on the graph
UE-141707 [MetaSounds][Random Get] - Random Get Node isn’t working correctly
UE-139327 [MetaSounds][Get Random] - Setting Enable Shared State on multiple nodes will only play array values up to the length of the first node added
UE-138615 [MetaSounds][Sequencer] - Setting a Key Input on a Trigger Spams the Trigger Input
UE-137696 [MetaSounds][Composition] - Renaming a MetaSound doesn’t propagate the rename to referencing graphs
UE-135965 [MetaSounds][Trigger Counter] - Start Value is inconsistence depending on how it’s reset
UE-121749 [MetaSounds] - When switching to stereo, the variable output order doesn’t match the output order on the graph
UE-120726 [MetaSounds] - If a node changes (inputs, name, etc) between builds, nothing indicates to the user that the node has changed
UE-112882 [Metasounds][Random Get] - Changes to No Repeats when Enable Shared State is True don’t propagate unless Editor is restarted
UE-141634 Bipolar Modulation Parameter doesn’t modulates the Modulation Destination
UE-141136 Modulation Generator bypass setting changes doesn’t apply while active during PIE
UE-133161 [Quartz] If a command is cancelled on the Audio Render Thread before it is triggered, cancelled is not triggered
UE-135968 Google Resonance only works if Submix Send checkbox is enabled
UE-126579 [Stream Caching] - Options to Enabling and Disable Stream Caching have no effect
UE-143036 [Sound Submix] - Warnings when opening Sound Submix asset
UE-137471 [Sound Submix] - Submix autodisable cuts off reverb and delay effects on all new and existing submixes
UE-143753 [MetaSounds][Editor] Variables Do Not Display Properly When Attempting to Nest In Member Panel
UE-143288 [MetaSound] [Editor] Inconsistent JumpTo/Drag/Drop Support with Other Graph Editors
UE-144036 Switching between an actor’s components may cause the sections list to change
UE-143759 Asset auditor platform combo off edge of window
UE-143310 Device profile editor doesn’t allow you to add most cvars
UE-142930 Widget reflector menu is not shown on OSX
UE-142875 Users of UPlatformSettings crashes if there is more than one in a project due to a static cache
UE-142840 Crash with TechSoft + CADKernel + Sew
UE-143002 DirectLink - Hierarchical Instanced StaticMesh Actor are not synchronized.
UE-144147 Wrong orientation of some sub-part of StaticMesh
UE-144081 Hoops import with stitching Sew crashes on wire file
UE-143923 Cad import: LogDatasmithDispatcher Warning: Reference to CoreTech in Cadworker log
UE-143865 Rhino: Crash when importing CAD file with Stitching Sew option selected
UE-143670 Ensure mentioning DatasmithCADImporter occurs during Datasmith import
UE-143361 DWG partially imported in Hoops part 2
UE-143260 Missing UnrealEditor folder in DatasmithCADImporter - Cannot open input file UnrealEditor-CADTools.lib for QAEnterprise build
UE-144086 Having Take Recorder panel open at editor launch hides gizmo until Sequencer is closed
UE-142469 Import with New File option for Anim Sequences does not function
UE-137456 No audio/vocalisation can be heard while using Screen Reader
UE-118423 The config hierarchy editor does not handle arrays of gameplay tags (or possibly any arrays)
UE-144107 Add editor typeface for Mathematical Alphanumeric Symbols unicode block
UE-117054 Combobox popup flickers when the combobox contents changes
UE-142446 Crash drag-dropping a UMG widget from the graph to the designer tree on the left
UE-144267 Details Panel: Sections for categories that contain spaces in their names are appearing empty in the details panel
UE-138215 Menu jitter with 4k resolution
UE-143970 Crash when attempting to force-delete an unused blueprint
UE-142271 Get/Set Editor Property is incompatible with TObjectPtr Properties
UE-143406 Packaging fails if there is a space in file path name
UE-104746 //UE5/Main files contain UE4 in naming: DevTools - UE4ProjectDirs
UE-143919 Plugin Loading can take 20s or more, causing long editor startup times on projects with a lot of content.
UE-143751 UBT fails to enable all dependent modules for plugins when building with bBuildAllModules
UE-143785 The test that checks the Engine content for the Licensee flag is broken.
UE-143383 Rebuild expat with xcode 12.5 in Release-5.0
UE-143065 Natvis doesn’t work for arrays using TInlineAllocator
UE-143535 Crash when cooking DataLayers_WP
UE-143223 Crash Handler is not opening up Crash Reporter Client on Source Builds
UE-143606 Using -DDC-All-MissRate causes the editor and cooker to crash
UE-143117 Using -DDC-All-MissTypes causes the editor to crash
UE-116166 FileSystemDerivedDataBackend may output a corrupted access log
UE-143823 Rename the .payload file to .upayload
UE-143680 Invalid LOCTEXT in the virtualization module
UE-142748 Fix MinPayloadLength
UE-132849 Losing connection to ZenServer when using as ZenOnlyDDC results in poor editor performance, ~3s hitches
UE-143953 UE4Games.uproject dirs is still present in on Github, should be Default.uprojectdirs
UE-144141 Build.version has UE_5.0EA CompatibleChangelist version set
UE-140882 //UE5/Release-5.0 - UE.EditorAutomation(RunTest=Editor) Win64 - failed due to Actor filtering state: The two values are not equal
UE-143792 Character Movement Component - using Perch Radius Threshold can prevent character from stepping up onto a ledge
UE-142878 FGameplayAbilitiesEditorModule::GameplayTagTreeChanged - 0.000 s log spam
UE-143681 Constructed object in BP is ignoring override value for exposed float property
UE-143287 Change user-facing display of Reals in the Blueprint editor back to Float (with suitable differentiation in the tooltips)
UE-141696 Vector pins with Double type values are split into Float Real
UE-120909 Clean up UX for real number BPs.
UE-142750 Crash after reloading asset with [EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION reading address 0x0000000000000012]
UE-142401 Dragging off a pin and adding a Real operator can break links to other nodes
UE-140393 Duplicate Blueprint Editor Settings Windows are present in the Editor Preferences.
UE-114303 Crash undoing Native Component Class Override after compile
UE-143473 FMath::Clamp() and FMath::GridSnap() incorrectly handle mixed signed/unsigned arguments
UE-143457 Precision first pass on KismetMathLibrary
UE-142217 Some Child Actors move after Simulating/PIE with large world coordinates added to actors.
UE-141652 [GP] Remove BP native make/break functionality for LWC types
UE-142985 BakeAll: Sporadic crash on exit
UE-142195 Packaging projects with landscape for IOS fails due to an Assertion Error MaterialResourcesToSavePtr != __null
UE-141622 Importing landscape with a material that has multiple layers
UE-140551 [Editor] Assert when editing heightmaps of different sizes (local merge only)
UE-144174 GeometryScript AppendRectangle interprets input dimensions incorrectly
UE-143243 Assertion failed in PolyEdit when deleting faces - ActiveChange.IsValid() == false [PolygonSelectionMechanic.cpp Line 795]
UE-143219 Ensure when activating PolyEdit on a cut mesh
UE-142818 Conformal UV Unwrap using invalid indices for pin constraints
UE-142582 Approximate Actors implementation takes a long time to execute
UE-143722 New Level - Reorder the menu
UE-143618 Applying Transforms to Foliage causes the Foliage to flicker and become invisible when placed
UE-142251 Foliage become invisible/change it’s location on removing it by holding shift+click and drag.
UE-142999 Access Violation fixing up a Redirector generated after moving a level associated with a Level Instance while the parent level is dirty
UE-144113 Assert when converting a basic level to World Partition
UE-143852 Crash after Render (Local) of Shot1 sequence in MRQ
UE-143719 Add a new flag called Enable Streaming (On by default) (World Settings/World Partition)
UE-143547 Prev1 - Investigate offset of parent cells
UE-141218 Turnkey generates logspam while mousing over platforms with no compiled support
UE-144049 Stack corruption when initializing WinDualShock
UE-143614 GPU timeout reading performance timers
UE-143365 Packaged game fails to open and Fatal error: [File:…/GarbageCollectionVerification.cpp] is displayed in the log
UE-143898 Python3.9 Linux files corrupted with CRLF vs LF
UE-143481 Linux crashes in the Project Browser without using the -nocef command
UE-143477 Crash Reporter not launching on Mac Binary
UE-143431 QAGameServer quit unexpectedly on starting server with QA-Promotion -log.
UE-143664 Adreno running Android OS 12 has graphical glitches
UE-143619 IOS packaged on Mac using Xcode 12 fails to install to IOS Version 15 device due to code signature no longer being supported
UE-143542 IOS does not log fatal errors to the log file
UE-143323 CSM shadows do not work with Project Setting Allow Static Lighting=true, World setting Force No Precomputed Lighting=true
UE-142746 Unreal app crashes on tvOS when DualSense connected
UE-142736 iPhone 13 and latest iPad device profiles are missing
UE-142364 Crash on TVOS when using a wireless game controller
UE-133011 No Google Play Store Key’ Hit when Attempting to open Installed Package
UE-131826 Force Feedback Not Being Applied on Android Devices
UE-120581 Bidirectional file access service
UE-117042 iOS backbuffer resolution does not match r.MobileContentScaleFactor
UE-112753 iPhone device names with apostrophes appear as ??? on Mac
UE-143813 TM-VRSmoke. Some CPU and GPU particles render only in left eye in VR Preview
UE-142863 HMD extensions are enabled when rendering reflection captures
UE-142698 QA-Game crashes with Assertion failed: IsValid(Platform) when a Vive is connected as the Editor launches
UE-141258 OculusVR plugin defaults to Legacy Oculus SDK
UE-139477 Dynamic Fixed Foveation setting in Project Settings is missing (Experimental) tag
UE-136749 Right eye is displaying shadow and reflection artifacts when rendering in stereo
UE-130910 UE5 Binary fails to package BP projects for HoloLens due to Missing Game Binary
UE-144191 Crash: ISMC proxy setup going out of bounds on array
UE-143725 Assert when attempting to open \sandbox\rendering\realisticrendering.uproject
UE-143712 GlobalDistanceFieldVisualization missing autoexposure/tonemapping
UE-143685 Fix d3d12 debug warning in EngineTest
UE-143495 Particle Shadow Casting not casting shadows
UE-143487 Ray tracing scene has missing meshes visible in Lumen Reflections
UE-143420 Objects missing from Global DF when r.AOGlobalDistanceFieldCacheMostlyStaticSeparately is disabled
UE-143419 Local Exposure Contrast Reduction parameter is not user friendly
UE-143398 GPU Crash occurs when opening QAGame with Vulkan - UE5
UE-143349 Crash with deferred decal shader when saving
UE-143246 Path Tracer cannot be toggled in shipping builds
UE-143205 Need a good way to visualize the quality of motion vectors to ensure TSR and other dependent systems are properly being fed
UE-143198 Investigate and clean DX12 tests in Horde
UE-143055 Assert in FTaskTagScope fires when the render thread crashes
UE-143052 WaterFountain map renders blurry related to Bloom settings
UE-143023 Severely Flickering Volumetrics
UE-143003 UE.TargetAutomation Horde jobs has a large number of failures stemming from issues with shaders
UE-142907 Camera edge issues with water not rendering or shading correctly
UE-142890 Incorrect global distance field data when opening level using landscape
UE-142877 Moving meshes with editor widgets causes ghosting due to incorrect velocities
UE-142712 Particle Lights not illuminating volumetric fog
UE-142531 Crash while fetching VT data from the DDC
UE-142376 Light Components fail to propagate certain property changes from Sequencer
UE-142352 //UE5/Release-5.0 - UE.EditorAutomation(RunTest=Rendering) Win64 d3d12 - HairAndFur - failed due to voxel lighting being off
UE-142158 //UE5/Release-5.0 - UE.TargetAutomation(RunTest=Rendering) Win64 - failed due to Clouds_RayleighScattering artifacts in clouds
UE-142155 //UE5/Release-5.0 - UE.TargetAutomation(RunTest=Rendering) Win64 - failing due to artifacts in clouds
UE-141841 TSR doesn’t support ICVFX camera motion blur setting in ndisplay
UE-141496 Extreme visual noise in translucency TSR pass
UE-139790 LWC - Changing World Origin to extremes cause water meshes to break
UE-137657 Object culling occurs at large world coordinates
UE-133621 Engine crashes when building GPU lightmass in Lighting map
UE-125071 Scene in viewport has visual artifacts: seems like scene is affected by texture with transparency (texture can be different)
UE-113515 The mesh preview in the viewport displays artifacts as shadow contours
UE-109976 Static mesh materials using Static Light has shadows that are harsh and scattered
UE-144155 Lumen shader fails to compile, causing glass to show as solid black
UE-144145 Editor crashes when enabling Global Distancefield
UE-143909 Surfaces have blotching artifacts on AMD6900XT
UE-143805 Distance fields are being setup even when Lumen is using Hardware Ray Tracing
UE-143761 Final Gather Quality Post Process setting causes severe rendering issues in the Stack-O-Bot project
UE-143629 Implement custom HWRT receiver shadow bias for heightfields
UE-143307 Lumen Landscape Broken During Initial Streaming
UE-143306 Ray Tracing Scene Has Broken Primitive Indices
UE-143299 Crash enabling ‘show VisualizeLumen’ with 4k resolution
UE-143183 Several Lumen tests look broken in AMD 6900
UE-143169 Translucent material in mesh with opaque section blocks GI / Reflections with Lumen Hardware Ray Tracing
UE-142525 Change culling behavior of Lumen Direct-Lighting HWRT pass from back-face to front-face
UE-142154 //UE5/Release-5.0 - UE.TargetAutomation(RunTest=Rendering) Win64 - failed due to EnvLighting differences
UE-141840 Creating a new project from the VR Template leaves GI/Reflections set to Lumen and Shadows to VSM
UE-141204 Lumen GI dark on foliage
UE-140266 Lumen reflection on Mac is not working, and not reusing screenspace reflection.
UE-127103 Random glow appears in viewport when Output Log is open and a PIE session is started and stopped
UE-144041 Strands groom are not lit by Lumen
UE-143848 Crash when writing WPO using SceneDepth
UE-143269 RHI Validation Error Hit when Launching Projects with -rhiValidation argument
UE-143059 Ensure is thrown and Output pins are absent for not connected nodes in the Material
UE-142147 //UE5/Release-5.0 - UE.TargetAutomation(RunTest=Rendering) Win64 - failed due to shader model material refraction
UE-140868 Materials failing to open correctly in the Material Editor
UE-134273 Changes in the files included from the generated code aren’t reflected in shader job cache input key
UE-144196 Debug build crash in BuildCoarseRepresentation due to missing FBinaryHeap copy/move ctor
UE-144154 Fluids Plugin: Fix owner motion field to work with both 2D and 3D sims.
UE-144153 Fluids Plugin: Fix 2D material to match 3D. Update template category. Update content hall assets.
UE-144148 Fix LWC VectorField on CPU
UE-144125 Pins need to be exclusive in Niagara and currently are not
UE-143913 [Dev-EngineMerge] CIS Content Error: SkeletalMeshLocation is Engine content that was saved with a licensee flag. This can result in the file failing to open on licensee builds
UE-143910 Fix memstomp in translator around string manipulation
UE-143822 Physics field data interface fails to compile for gpu particles
UE-143794 Regression with emitter inheritance
UE-143786 Engine assets need resaving to remove the licensee flags
UE-143762 Ribbon UV.x always 0.
UE-143735 Fluid Plugin: Conform LWC settings to latest modules. Fix bounds on colored smoke. Address notes on standing fire.
UE-143655 Add parameter via map get node adds 001 to existing parameter
UE-143644 add existing parameter duplicates parameters instead of adding them to map get
UE-143565 Niagara ribbons don’t generate precise motion vectors
UE-143506 PostTick is not called on Niagara GPU Emitters
UE-143456 Integrate Emitter DI to improve bounds of fluids
UE-143417 Niagara Fluid systems don’t copy over their thumbnails when created
UE-143399 Crash adding a Renderer to a modified Emitter when running with -stompmalloc
UE-143242 Crash Occurs when Loading certain maps with Niagara Files
UE-143207 Crash applying changes to a module script
UE-143159 Crash when loading Niagara_Fluids map in Content Examples packaged project
UE-143114 Niagara parameter created via map node doesn’t create a script variable (details panel doesn’t show up)
UE-143024 Niagara Texture DIs can crash due to transitions
UE-142991 Niagara’s collision module fails to set the particle restitution value when using HWRT
UE-142953 Changing the type of a parameter keeps mismatched pins connected with implicit conversion instead of creating orphaned pins
UE-142922 The emitter merge can fail silently leading to missing data.
UE-142905 Changing the type of a parameter does not update the default value on Map Get nodes until the script is reopened
UE-142866 fix problems with Fluid content hall
UE-142838 Fix data interface functions to use position type
UE-142812 Improve usability for old Niagara content that does not need LWC
UE-142393 All enums show up in the graph as event writes erroneously
UE-142302 Create visual cues that Position->Vector is not a good idea
UE-142296 Motion Vectors are not generated for Niagara’s Mesh Particles when Velocity Pass is set to Write during base pass
UE-142278 Motion blur is incorrect and extreme on part of Advanced example 3.8
UE-141284 Unstable Niagara transforms output causing flickering in raytracing effects
UE-141239 Unable to edit parameter settings in Emitter Summary when the node is collapsed to the summarized view
UE-141231 Changes to a parent Emitter’s Emitter Summary expanded/collapsed state are not applied to emitters that inherit from it
UE-132134 Connecting a Wildcard pin to an already connected pin does not replace the existing connection
UE-144042 [Crash Report] UnrealEditor-D3D12RHI!FD3D12DynamicRHI::RHICreateTextureCube_RenderThread
UE-143617 Launch on Fails on Linux with Critical Error appError called: Fatal Error: [File: VulkanUtil.cpp]
UE-143610 Nanite fails to render on discrete Intel video cards
UE-143422 Ensure related to the VulkanBarriers.cpp occurs upon opening the newly created DMX Pixel Mapping
UE-143333 Crash with VulkanUtil.cpp error after opening packaged game
UE-143062 Make DX12 the default PC RHI for newly created projects
UE-142814 UE crashes making the viewport active with a fatal error after enabling Vulkan (SM5) and setting Vulkan as Default
UE-142551 nDisplay - mGPU nodes crash with Valley_Lumen_LARD level
UE-139886 UV Coordinates are blurred on Static/Skeletal Mesh after FBX import
UE-143951 Pathtracer is not accumulating
UE-144231 Several cosmetics display extreme mesh stretching on frontend
UE-144199 Chaos: Missing implementation of SetLocaltransform for physics bodies
UE-144076 SkeletalMesh RigidBody blue worm bounces rapidly and disappears when interacting with it in ContentExamples
UE-144067 Multiple handled ensures fire when interacting with a physics object in ContentExamples
UE-144003 Crash on triggering of the TriggerRagdollAnimatedSimulated in PIE
UE-143906 CCD objects tunnel through fast moving kinematic objects
UE-143873 Opening the PhysicalAnimation map in ContentExample freezes application
UE-143718 Chain link with soft constraints and low stiffness does not drop down through the chain.
UE-143632 Ragdoll tunnel through Trimesh floor
UE-143268 Physical animation component not playing on some mannequins
UE-142842 Object Interacts Unexpectedly with Physics Gun
UE-142502 Crash occurrs on adding new element to the Cache array contained Invalid element.
UE-142303 Hoodie laces of the second character fly in circles when playing in editor in the MetaHumanSample project
UE-142204 Ensure condition fails after adding large coordinates to all actor locations.
UE-141936 Crash occurs when undoing Cloth Paint Smooth tool application
UE-141198 Fix using shared geometry when cloning chaos particles
UE-141000 QAGame: Velocity Target High Max Force has equal strength modifiers in both arms
UE-137623 Clothing Data is incorrectly applied to a Skeletal Mesh and breaks the Skeletal mesh
UE-144098 Physical animation blending mannequin’s head bends/stretches very unnaturally when hit in ContentExamples
UE-143611 Chaos Cloth World Collision (Hard Engine) Crash
UE-143152 Chaos Cloth Collisions do not work with convex collision objects
UE-140723 Performance Regression for LWC on Cloth
UE-136071 Crash after disabling the default mask from Activate Cloth Paint Window
UE-143925 Crash in clustering when particle does not have geometry
UE-143800 Chaos : Particle Trailing Effects
UE-143798 Default field actors
UE-143795 Animated Geometry Collections not working.
UE-143763 Geometry Collection Clustered Children not colliding
UE-143750 Convex based geometry collection creation is slow on the physics thread
UE-143604 Add missing access to DynamicCollection from Geometry collection component
UE-143490 geometry collections lose proximity data on new/reset, giving bad results in convex generation
UE-143410 ChaosDestructionDemo has broken collisions
UE-143404 fracture mode crash if open radial fracture tool while in PIE/simulate then exit PIE
UE-143385 fracture crashes on voxel-shaped mesh w/ perfectly cube-aligned slice fracture
UE-143311 fracture convex tool uses the wrong settings in some cases
UE-143167 fracture auto-cluster tool fails check() on some inputs
UE-143078 make fracture ToMesh stop putting user in confusion selection state
UE-143004 stop throwing user out of fracture mode every time they want to test simulations
UE-142275 ChaosDestructionDemo: Severe regression in PIE enter and exit times
UE-142273 ChaosDestructionDemo: Severe performance regression at steady-state
UE-140192 Field Child Sampling.
UE-121588 ChaosDestructionDemo packaged game crashes during the launching
UE-108735 Reactivated Sleeping GCs Don’t Propogate to Children
UE-144088 Sweeps traces can return false positive
UE-143631 Removing a object from a sleeping pile, does not make the objects on top to fall
UE-143255 NaN in Joints when shock propagation is enabled
UE-144279 max delta time on base emitters set to 1/24
UE-144256 suppress repeated warning fix, determinism with flip particle seeding
UE-144114 fix bug with local particles emitting into 2d fluids
UE-143945 fix fluid bugs due to Niagara inheritance regression
UE-143904 fix broken 2d bounds for various sims
UE-143806 fix bug with render scale and wrong render step size
UE-143799 2d simulation bounds
UE-143765 bounds on 3d gas sims
UE-143724 bounds set correctly on 3d liquid assets
UE-143492 init lighting grid needs to be reset only, 2d liquid dam break has stuck particles on boundar
UE-143173 Unavailable mesh distance field data causing issues with disappearing particles
UE-143796 Crash when disabling ray tracing in a view and then r.RayTracing.ForceAllRayTracingEffects 1
UE-142456 Text3D keeps old glyphs after duplication
UE-142455 Text3D slow on property change
UE-142731 Camera calibration using vulkan causes nan values
UE-143475 Details views custom rows clip content to the inner border, preventing from custom widgets to handle mouse events on the whole row
UE-143161 DMX - Matrix fixtures do not update channel span or matrix attributes when they use word sizes > 8bit
UE-142996 DMX - Crash when sacn IP address does not match local IP address.
UE-142976 DMX - Pixel mapping warnings are difficult to read
UE-140895 GDTF Imports fail to parse properly when virtual channels are used.
UE-132149 DMX - Fixture patch view is refreshed only if the DMX library is closed and reopen
UE-143756 LiveLinkComponent’s ComponentToControl setting is overwritten unnecessarily when setting the Subject Representation
UE-143584 Media IO - Blackmagic media output audio is not working correctly
UE-142990 Media IO - Blackmagic Performance degradation when outputting in 8k
UE-141199 Media IO - Performance degradation upon activating GPUDirect
UE-141048 Media IO - No Audio Output in PIE
UE-142817 WebApp - missing log improvements and highlights marking
UE-142047 nDisplay config transforms broken when exposed to RC preset
UE-144083 Fix In-Camera VFX Typo on ICVFX Camera Component
UE-143804 Preview frustum rendering flickers
UE-143803 Lightcard/Chromakey rendering showflags should have raytracing disabled
UE-143628 PIE Node Preview list empty when only 1 node in the cluster specified
UE-143625 Freeze preview viewport keeps updating the content
UE-142923 Opening GoldenPath with -vulkan triggers ensures
UE-142798 Physics Simulation Divergence using nDisplay
UE-142779 nDisplay Viewport Details Panel Small Update
UE-142737 nDisplay Inner Frustum Border Default Value Too Thick
UE-142272 nDisplay DCRA Details Panel Preview Tab Feedback
UE-142060 Crash when resizing nDisplay Viewport in Output Mapping
UE-142051 Nodes freeze while working in the editor
UE-142046 nDisplay config preview renders as black grid when moved
UE-141807 Render node crash when launching exr playback
UE-141580 Viewport preview in the nD configurator is broken
UE-140594 Crash when adding many nodes to an nDisplay config and then deleting them
UE-137779 nDisplay - nodes crash if user enable Adaptive resolution on extreme values
UE-136364 Improved In-Level Preview Accuracy
UE-124715 Pathtracer not updating over nDisplay
UE-118053 nDisplay Preview issues - optimization
UE-115929 DCRA Editor preview color mismatch
UE-143128 Sequencer - Sequence is not looping in nDisplay
UE-143778 mGPU is not any faster with nDisplay in Academy project
UE-142697 Stage Monitor - Implementing column sorting in the UI
UE-142962 Level Snapshot - Some assets are not restored correctly when manipulating parenting relationship
UE-142558 Level Snapshot - Editor crash after adding components to an actor and taking a new snapshot
UE-143396 nDisplay nodes crash on launch when using World Partition level
UE-143163 Sequencer - Editor crash while closing a sequence with Metahuman Blueprint
UE-142045 Playlist needs tooltips
UE-143903 Switchboard - Logs shows Launching UE4 info even when launching UE5
UE-143505 Manually editing CL number in Switchboard freezes Switchboard
UE-143409 muserver and trace settings not updating when creating new config
UE-143357 Switchboard Wizard Linux - UE Top menu Switchboard button not displayed on Linux.
UE-143296 Switchboard: rsync not retrieving files when workspace path has spaces
UE-142416 Switchboard Linux - Build action tries to build Platform Win64 on Linux
UE-142415 Switchboard Linux - Sync CL tries to start Program python.exe on Linux
UE-142404 Switchboard Linux - Open Logs Folder does not open the directory in Linux

Wow, there it is ! Congrats to the team !


Great Work! But there is still no masked and translucent support for nanite, right?

:partying_face: :partying_face: :partying_face: Finally!!! Been waiting for this a loooong time, thank you Epic!!

Oh yeah!
Does it have feature parity with 4.27?
Or we still can’t open projects from it in UE5?

Still no native apple silicon support? Bummer the m1 max would be such a little unreal shredder


Projects from 4.27 should successfully migrate into 5.0.



Any update on whether Nanite works for VR yet?


I’m wondering if there’s any plans to get the Vulkan RHI to support raytracing and lumen+nanite (As there are Vulkan extensions that support raytracing on both NVIDIA and AMD GPUs), whether the 60Hz framepacer being the default in Vulkan has been changed, the weird defaults for DX12 leading to shader compilation related frametime stutters have been changed, if Steamworks v1.53 is going to be included (So one could implement proper Steam Deck support in their game without having to mangle a GitHub fork of the engine to update the SDK), and if DLSS/FSR are going to be included with the final engine release and enabled right out of the box.

There’s certainly a bunch of stuff that a major milestone release of Unreal Engine coming from UE4 could fix in terms of withstanding issues that the engine currently has, especially on the PC front of things.

any examples of how to use or where to find the new ik retarget features?

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Can we now hide “destroyed” meshes after there has been a collision with Chaos Physics? Currently we can put meshes to sleep, but now way to have meshes completely be removed and it causes performance problems.

Would like to have the ability to decide some meshes disappear after a period of time so that other meshes can continue to be destroyed without causing engine to lag or worse to crash.

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:heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: !!!
I have one question tho. When installing the Preview 1, I got the usual “Warning, this is not stable and suitable for production” dialog I had to confirm. I got one for 5.0 EA and EA2 too, but while the EA doesn’t perform that well, it’s been overall quite stable. My question is:

Should I expect Preview 1 to be less, more, or about as stable as 5.0 EA2?

Thanks! :3

Nanite works already on Vulkan. And RayTracing is afaik on the todo list :slight_smile:

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Congrats on hitting this milestone.

Should the ‘Fluid Simulation’ bullet point be removed from the Chaos Physics section, since as far as I know the Fluid Sim is Niagara-based and is a plugin called NiagaraFluids which is mentioned in its own section in the release notes?

It’s very stable for the last few months, as I’m already using it in new projects.
At least assuming that you are or you have a programmer to fix code in 4.27 plugins, etc. :wink:


I do not have an option in the Epic Launcher on an M1 mac to install the preview 1 engine. I already have 5 EA2 on this mac. Is the Preview not released for Mac M1 yet?

Hi - I’ve previously installed 4.26, 4.27, 5.EA1, 5.EA2 with no trouble. Using Unreal Engine 5 is now available in Preview! - Unreal Engine link and clicking the “Open the Launcher” button - there are no options to download “5.Preview1”?

There used to be a UE5 tab in the Epic Game Launcher - correct? That is no longer there…

My launcher is version: EpicInstaller-13.0.0-enterprise
I followed the install guidance at Installing Unreal Engine | Unreal Engine Documentation - no options for Preview 1?
I tried the git hub link https://github.com/EpicGames/UnrealEngine - I’m not seeing where “Preview 1” branch or code is?

Could there be placed on the Unreal Engine 5 is now available in Preview! - Unreal Engine a link to directly download the install exe for Preview 1 as was done for EA5 Early Access?


It shows up just fine for me on an M1 Mac Bleeptrix.

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