Unreal Engine 4 Vs UDK people's opinions

(This is probably an old topic but here we go anyway.)

I have been using and learning from UDK for at least three years now. Next gen consoles are already here and good triple A graphics are now a requirement. Eventually UDK will be Obsolete within a few years at best. Now Epic recommending us to give Unreal Engine 4 a try instead of UDK. Followed by the Subscription fee which I personally do not want to do. Since then I switched to the new Cryengine for a few months and enjoyed it.
That was until the recent subscription fee and no more updates for the free SDK. After that, I pretty much went to Unity3D which I personally hated it. Since then, I pretty much gave up on Indie development do and now focused on my girlfriend whom I neglected for quite awhile. I just wonder why the big game engine creators need to charge subscription fees for independent indie teams to make games. I’m not saying to get rid of subscription fees in anyway or that I plan to boycott against it.
It’s just to me subscription equals constant use of the product your paying daily to get your money’s worth out of it. Also, if I do subscribe to Unreal Engine 4, my ideas of a game to be will take too long of time and I will be in debt by this or something else such as obvious credit card debts which will force me to cancel my subscription to UE4 making it a complete waste of my time and money. However, this is not a problem for UDK. But it will soon be obsolete. As this being a discussion page, I want to know. Was the subscription to Unreal Engine 4worth your time? Or the inevitable money problems are getting to you and is not worth it? Let me know and thank you for listening if you did.

$20 is very cheap, even if you continue on subscription it’s just a little bit more than an MMO subscription.

In any case, you can cancel after a month and continue to use the version you have, unlike Cryengine.

All I really hear is “I don’t want to pay for my software”, not “which software is better”. UE4 is more than worth the money, for what you get it’s practically free. And if yoh’re serious about game dev you will be using it regularly so I don’t see a problem there.

In my opinion it is worth to pay the 20$, because you can create a simple game in a very short time with the UE4. So for example: You could create a simple iOS game which wont take so much time to create and then sell it or make money with the ads (I know from experience that you can earn pretty much money with ads ^^).

And as darthviper107 suggested, you can always cancle your subscription and develope something with the current version of the engine :slight_smile:

The flexibility of UE4 and the extremely low cost make it worth it. One of the biggest pluses is the ability to cancel and use that version of the engine for anything you want. It wins hands down over UDK and any other engine I’ve worked/messed around with.

Well then. I’ll give Unreal Engine 4 a try. I hope I won’t regret it. I have a lot of catching up to do with it. Hopefully Epic does not make UDK 4 or i’ll be ****** and ripped off. other than that, Unreal Engine 4 ftw. :slight_smile:

UE4 worth every penny! :slight_smile:

A bigger advantage of that is the ability to re-subscribe at any time, too. Whether or not it’ll stay like that is unknown - hopefully so.

If 20$/month for a AAA engine is going to put you in debt, than I think you are in the wrong business my friend.

Not only that but you can also still sell your game whilst unsubscribed, so you can subscribe, then unsub, then after 6 months or so re-sub for updates, unsub then publish your game etc, and its only cost you a small number of subs over a couple year period. Also, i know what the OP means about feeling that you MUST use the program to get your money worth from a subscription. but really, i think its best not to think of it that way and try to think in terms of yearly amount. I mean its $240 a year, its not THAT much. how much does bloody Adobe photoshop cost again?

Anyway food for thought, here is a bunch of links I found regarding the whole sub/unsub thing incase it helps anyone

An engine is an engine and UDK can do just as good a job as UE4 and more so if you already know how to use UDK and have no need to learn a completely new edit environment.

The jewel in this crown though is an engine license you can live with if you are making a game to be sold where you can put all of your available coin into the game.

Also on going support is a must have so thats what your really paying 19 bucks a month for.

UDK has a fair few advantages - it’s a lot more stable, better documented and will run on a wider variety of hardware.

True, especially the last point is important. And you need a very powerful machine to develop your game in UE4. The documentation seems not to be a stepping stone - it will develop over time and a lot of things working in UDK can be done in a similar fashion in UE4. At present, the most important advantage of UE4 is imo Blueprint moving foreward the idea of a visual coding language.

UE4 is Next-Gen and that’s a good place to be, eventually its hardware requirements will become the norm. UE4 Subscription & Licensing Terms are the best in town. I’ve been subscribing for months and have yet to download the software…lol. But, I appreciate what Epic is doing for the game development community and the payment model is sensible for core software and tools that bring it all together.

I also understand the strain-on-the-brain and wallet of stacking yet another subscription to other monthly expenses. I’m starting to hit a sub limit myself. I see a lot of companies trying to use a subscription model. NOT ALL SOFTWARE IS IDEAL FOR SUBSCRIPTION.

Anyways, one can cancel the sub anytime. I know several individuals shying away from the sub. I’ve been seeking for a way to Gift one-time subscriptions so they can at least get the Engine started. Who knows, maybe once they start up the engine, they’ll keep putting fuel in it to keep it running. UE4 Gift Certificates?

I promise you we have no plans for a UDK 4, but if anything does make you feel like it was a waste of money, please contact us. Let us know if everything is going well and don’t be afraid to post on the AnswerHub if you get stuck.

Future plans

For those of us stuck on less capable hardware running UDK, will it continue being supported or should we jump to an equal competitor we can run (since we can’t run UE4)?

Performance will always be improving, but I don’t expect any big performance increases for things like the Intel integrated GPU’s, they just aren’t that powerful. If you want a similar level of graphics to UE4 then other engines will have the same performance issues.

I have a question, I’ve been using UDK for some time, not to long. I’ve been thinking, should I upgrade to UE4, Is the jump worth it? Is it easier to develop games on? and are the hardware requirements to run the engine demanding?

In my opinion it is worth to upgrade, because you can develope games in a much shorter period of time + you dont need programming experience because of blueprints :slight_smile:


> Followed by the Subscription fee which I personally do not want to do. Since then I switched to the new Cryengine for a few months and enjoyed it.

Cryengine is a subscription… lol…

If you plan to “boycott” against subscription based, I will cancel you out by saying I love it. I love having FULL access to the UE API for a minimal fee then paying THOUSANDS of dollars up front.