Unreal Engine 4 virtual texturing support ?

Will UE4 have support included in the engine for “Volume Tiled Resources” / “Virtual Texturing” / “Tiled Resources” in the future to more detailed maps ? (Giving the 2 options as modules in the engine)


Maybe. But no earlier than DX12/Vulkan implementation.

OpenGL/DX11 have way to many disparities, to feasibly support it.

Aye, explicit memory control is extremely helpful for such. Meaning it could be implemented right now on consoles, but is a headache for trying to get it into DX11/OpenGl

“Far Cry 4” used this technique for terrain texturing. And it runs fairly smooth even on low-end graphic cards.

FC4 also bakes decals into the virtual texture at runtime, lovely stuff.

Could anyone tell me what this “VirtualTexture” means in UE4? I don’t think this is exactly the same thing as that Virtual Texture used in FC4 or Mega-texture of id tech 5. So, what is it? :confused:

“If set to 1, textures will use virtual memory so they can be partially resident.”

, thank you for the answer. :slight_smile:

We got the reply to this after the Epic Blog Post about Granite.

The problem with Granite/Graphine is they don’t respond to emails, and their UE4 product is $249 vs $65 for Unity even though they do the same thing.

Wow this post was old haha ^^

Is native virtual texturing support supposed to be in 4.18? Currently the feature is listed in the UE4 roadmap, but I cannot find many details about it

Any listed feature no in the 4.18 line won’t be in the 4.18. The virtual texture feature is listed in the roadmap since 2014

If someone want to have many deferred decals in game, than only good optimization method is baking into a virtual texture at runtime!

I think it’s pretty safe to think that virtual texturing won’t make it into UE 4. We’ll have to wait for the UE 5 equivalent version that’s a major breaking change.

actually virtual texturing is in the roadmap. of course it’s not marked for a specific release, but given how “streamlined” the new roadmap is I’d really expect them to do it at some point

Long time ago there were some commits for perlimenary support for VT. But nothing else happened since then.

coming 4.22

Old post I know, but seen as this thread has been necro’d.

I’ve never had problems hearing back from Graphine. They’ve been really responsive to emails - they even gave me a temporary license for my final year project at University!

Any source on that? First I’m hearing of it, afaik 4.22 is focusing on RTX features.