Unreal Engine 4 Supports Mods! Ark: Survival Evolved Starts The Trend - Live from Epic HQ

**We’re rolling out the process for making moddable games in the Unreal Engine, and we’ve got Jesse from the Ark: Survival Evolved team to show us a real world example of UE4 mods in action! As modding has been deeply etched into the soul of Epic for years, we’re ecstatic to share the details with the you all. Come join us to chat about the process, how you can get started with making your own moddable games, and how you as the Unreal developer community can begin creating awesome additions to the Studio Wildcard game in Early Access!

Also, we’ve got the June game jam results in, tune in for the highlight video and the announcement of the winners.


Thursday, Jul. 9 @ 2:00PM ET - Countdown]

Chance Ivey - Community Manager, Epic Games - @iveytron](
Alexander Paschall - Engine Support Tech, Epic Games - @UnrealAlexander](
Jesse Rapczak - Co-Founder, Co-Creative Director @ Studio Wildcard - @jrapczak](

Questions? Let us have em!

Edit: The YouTube archive is now available here](

I am glad that the games will be able to have mods, too many companies these days fight against the modding community (looking at you ea). And unreal has always had great mod support. As a developer this makes me happy cause I can have players making mods in my game. Thanks for listening to the community and letting us do modding, p.s. Ark: Survival Evolved looks quite good.

Welcome to the forums, Triumph! :slight_smile:

Won’t be in the country this week to watch, but hopefully can still tune in with my laptop from some place!

Slacker ;D Kidding - we had better see mod support in Switch!

Awesome!! :smiley:

This looks amazing, can’t wait! Interested to see how wildcard plans to use mods.

This is the dream goal… I am not missing this.

Looking forward to this, Going to be some great MODs.

This is incredibly exciting stuff. Unreal is going to make modding for this game really accessible if the game was developed with an eye toward readable code. Excited to take a peek under the hood!

What kind of games will be moddable? 2D? 3D? Puzzle?

I think mods are great! Often mods make bad games totally playable (Cough… ElderScrolls and Fallout) but I see there is a steam upload button… There will be other alternatives right? Can the upload button be moddable too LOL…

I do not support steam, use steam or otherwise do anything that brings them more users. Steam has a monopoly that I can’t stand.They were smart though…

welp time to learn new jeep stuff

It’s funny, I’d been considering adding mod support to my game recently, had no clue where to even start, and then suddenly I find this announcement here. Perfect timing :slight_smile: Can’t wait to add mod support to my game! Keep up the great work.

I can’t wait to see modding support! I have been thinking about it for a long time. :smiley:

Hi there ,

Please , someone can answer me , i missed the start of the twitch event and I have not received an answer to my question that is :
Does the game will be translated into several languages (French etc.) and how long ?


faints from emotion

Finally! I’ll be able to make moddeable games!

son lo maximo los felicito…! siempre alerta a las actualizaciones!

this is amazing! ive been working on a game in UE4 and have been trying to find ways to support mods. so happy right now.

Ark is an amazing game by the way and I recommend anyone check it out. If you’re weary of a survival game in early access (you have every right to be), this is the only one I feel is actually using the system in good faith and delivering. Literally every day there are significant updates and the game already has tons of content, tons of options, amazing support.

It’s been all fabulous and they have my support