Unreal Engine 4 in Vim with YouCompleteMe autocompleter?

Hi, I did not find the answer for this question online.

Is there a way to use YouCompleteMe in Vim autocompletion with Unreal Engines C++ code?
Maybe adding exceptions to errors, or something like that?
Alternativly I could also use another autocompletion plugin that would work with Unreal Engine.

Those are the errors that I get:

On Line 7: File not found.
On Line 10: C++ requires a type specifier for all declerations.

YcmDebugInfo: 'Config' | TextUploader.com

My .ycm_extra_conf: 'Config' | TextUploader.com

I was able to fix those problems and make it work with YouCompleteMe.
If someone is interested in how I made it work he can ask me anywhere and I will reply.

I’m just curious how you fixed it. Did run you UHT to generate the files? Besides, do you use Linux/Mac or Windows? I’m using Linux and just trying to make ycm work correctly now. Would you mind sharing your ycm_extra_conf file?

Hi, I am using Windows as my OS.
I would prefer to use Linux with VIM but I need Windows for school.

To be honest with you, I dont think that my config will work for you, as I myself use Windows, but anyways, here is my ycm_extra_conf: Gofile - Free file sharing and storage platform

You will have to uncomment a lot of lines and change them depending on your own system and so on.

I forgot how I managed to get the flags, but I think I generated a clion project with unreal engine > added this to the cmake file:


after that I corrected the backslashes with forward slahes > tryed to generate the project (it failed) > and used the flags from the generated compile_commands.json

Maybe you already know what to do, maybe you will have some questions, if so feel free to ask.