Unreal Engine 4 Crashes on build lighting

So, When i press build lighting, and it starts to build the lighting, it crashes when the message in the bottom right says it has completed 33% or 47% of building the lighting. My map that i’m building is only a small house, a few lights, and a light-mass importance volume around it. The engiine just freezes and a minute later a message comes up saying: Unreal Engine 4 Has Stopped Working. And a button that says close. I have tried reinstalling the engine and project, deleting memory dumps, and raising my RAM.

Please Help.

ok I think I tracked Ur issue in the net . Do Ya have an Intel Graphics Card . If so then download this link

then ,

go to Device Manager

Click display adapters

double click on the Intel HD Graphics …

click rollback update

click update driver

search for the downloaded file from the link

Thx so much it works! thx!