Unreal Engine 4 Community Tutorial Youtube Catalog

After realizing that so many community tuts were being made I decided to do my best to catalog them and collate them all into one place for the community to view them. I created a youtube play list specifically for purpose to help the community out.

You can find the play list at : https:///channel/UCO3iK7xv-PgPJZXdG6ENWdA/playlists

If there are any tuts that I’ve missed please leave me a message in the thread and I will add them to it. Currently I have a total of 126 tutorials added to it ranging in languages from English/German/Russian. It will be updated regularly as I discover more content being made by the community for the community.

I encourage in the community to make tutorials for the benefit of all as is a huge learning resource for the beginner and the advanced user. The amount of tutorials generated by the community since March 19th has been incredible and I cannot thank all of you enough for your time and efforts put into these. Keep up the good work and let me know if I missed anything from you or if you would like me to add anything to it.

Also please comment if you find 's thread and mine helpful or if having the two threads is too much. I’m not sure how often is updating his thread so leave a comment. If its to chaotic for the community to have two threads about then I’ll remove one. I figured it would be more convenient to find all of the tuts in one play list as opposed to a single thread. Up to you in the community to decide which is best for all of you. and I are just doing our best to spotlight all of your hard work and informative tutorials.


Shawn Bunnell aka Doorstop

Current List of Tutorial Playlists:

Visceral3D UE4 Tutorials
Geo Dav Blender UE4 Tutorials
Geo Dav UE4 Tutorials
VIPVIT GameDev UE4 Tutorials
Roman Potapov Дневник изучения UE4/Diary study UE4
Pub Games UE4 Explosive Barrel Blueprint Tutorial
Pub Games UE4 Level Blueprint - Flickering Light
Pub Games interior Water UE4 Tutorial
3D Rocks UE4 Tutorials
Raven67854 UE4 Tutorials
Misc UE4 Tuts
Kevin Mitchell Terrain Workflow Unreal Engine 4 Tutorial
Nobody’s German UE4 Tutorials
Tesla Dev Basic Hunger System
Tesla Dev
Chad Reddick
Metal Game UE4 Tutorials English
Tales of Nalstone UE4 Episodes

Bump… keeping it up to date.

I think is a great idea. Thanks!

Yeah is very nice to keep bookmarked. Many of us are on the tutorial treadmill getting up to speed asap.

Thanks gents… Gotta website I’m working on as well to make it all even easier for the community to locate stuff.

Ever improving on things around here…


There we go… just a tid bit of the stuff… More being added over the next few days…


sorry guys… updating the website is going to be slow going over the next 2 weeks as I don’t have a single day off during time period and 12 hr days. I’ll be updating the youtube catalog though as its much easier to do and takes less time… I will get to the site shortly.

bumpity bump for relevance

Please add my playlist ://goo.gl/gZgv1q. It’s tutorials on russian language.

Please add my playlist ://goo.gl/gZgv1q. It’s tutorials on russian language.

Not a problem will add them evening


Thank you for compiling list! It is a fantastic resource that would be great for the Wiki. We have created a space for users to add all the tutorials that they like. Please feel free to make a page documenting publicly shared community videos!

Are we allowed to just post our videos there? (of course with a short description) Because at the moment you just can find written tutorials there :confused:

Are we allowed to just post our videos there? (of course with a short description) Because at the moment you just can find written tutorials there :confused:

We do have video embedding on the way, but for now you can make a page linking to videos with additional information or assets attached to the page. Once embedding is implemented, it can easily be switched. For now the intent is to store everything in a central location so that it can be easily searched for and accessed later.

Ok, thank you for the info, then I will start adding my videos now :wink: