Unreal engine 4.9 supported Oculus SDK/Runtime versions ?

I would like to know what Oculus Rift SDK/runtime versions are supported in UE 4.9? I ask this because runtime versions over 0.5 do not work on my computer and while in projects using UE 4.7 VR preview in editor and final executable works fine in Oculus Rift, they do not work at all in either case on any project using 4.9… To me explanation could be that UE4.9 doesn’t recognize Oculus Rift at all if it’s (software) version is too old ?

Anyone else having same issue ?

4.9 was updated to the Oculus 0.7 SDK. They say it’ll be hotfixed when the new runtime is available, but for now 0.6 runtime works fine.

Can get this information in the engine’s release notes.

I’ve the same problem.
UE 4.9.1 doesn’t work with sdk 0.6, updated to 0.7 and now it’s ok