Unreal Engine 4.9 Released!


The 4.9.1 Hotfix is now live!

If you experience a bug with the 4.9.1 Hotfix, please remember to log a bug report for the issue on the UE4 AnswerHub to the Bug Reports section.

Fixed in 4.9.1

Fixed! UE-20265 ForEach ‘Enum’ node returns incorrect enum values
Fixed! UE-20643 Enum to Byte conversion returns 2 for the first enum then 4 then 6 and so on rather than 0, 1, 2, etc
Fixed! UE-20878 Child Blueprint getting certain property values cleared in cooked games
Fixed! UE-20009 [CrashReport] UE4Editor_UnrealEd!operator<<() [editortransaction.cpp:157]
Fixed! UE-20867 Issues converting enum to byte in BP
Fixed! UE-20733 Disabling collision of an actor after an overlap event will cause the event to fire twice
Fixed! UE-20466 [CrashReport] UE4Editor_Engine!UAnimSequence::GetBonePose() [animsequence.cpp:994]
Fixed! UE-20413 Montage with negative value of curves doesn’t work
Fixed! UE-20496 Overlap checks during swept movement can generate repeated begin/end overlaps, or wrong end overlap event
Fixed! UE-20146 Can’t increase lightmap resolution on landscape, it crashes
Fixed! UE-20202 Dynamic point lights generate shader compile errors on HTML5
Fixed! UE-20492 Renamed/Copied code project folders fail to launch on to iOS
Fixed! UE-20728 Editable Text crashes on Android
Fixed! UE-20380 HTML5: Mac: RunMacHTML5LaunchHelper.command has incorrect file type in P4, causes error
Fixed! UE-20419 Mono error encountered with packaged HTML5 sample
Fixed! UE-20872 Enabling MSAA crashes when using metal
Fixed! UE-20968 Offline Shader Compile has been disabled on MacNote: When performing a launch on from the Mac to iOS the first time there will be an increase in the cook time as the shaders will be rebuilt.
Fixed! UE-20928 Launch on for Android may crash or use wrong version of aapt
Fixed! UE-20864 Launch on to Wi-Fi Android devices will fail
Fixed! UE-20008 SunTemple exits to home screen on the iPad 4
Fixed! UE-20590 Can’t build UE4Game for IOS from PC
Fixed! UE-12215 Sound effects continue to play when game is suspended on Android
Fixed! UE-20692 Epic Games Launcher unhides while the editor is loading on Mac
Fixed! UE-20991 Launch On for iOS does not automatically startNote: The Launch On feature for iOS on Mac has been temporarily disabled due to an incompatibility with Xcode 7.0. We are working on the issue for 4.10.
Fixed! UE-20640 SSAO 4.9 perf regression fix
Fixed! UE-20335 Blendable Weight set higher than 1.0 crashes
Fixed! UE-20639 Crash on Mobile Previewing or Playing in a New Editor Viewport a Mobile/Tablet - Mobile/HTML Project
Fixed! UE-20297 REGRESSION: HierarchicalInstancedStaticMeshComponent LOD transitions are broken in 4.9 and Main
Fixed! UE-20172 [CrashReport] UE4Editor_Engine!FBatchedElements::FSimpleElementBSSContainer::GetBSS() [batchedelements.h:308]
Fixed! UE-20699 “Build Solution” does not work for GitHub users
Fixed! UE-20291 Rev Oculus SDK to 0.7 / 0.6.18

The hotfix is great thank you guys very very much. No word though on the packaging problems that caused 3-4 entries to not be finished this months jam? Really caused a headache for our team and ended up not packaging right anyway.

Ah, saw new one was released. Will wait to hear from others if this includes enough fixes to switch to it and not have issues with PC based projects.

Question about mobile lighting and shadows / performance.

Hi everyone.
I have been gone from UE4 for 2 months but im back.
Currently updating the engine which will take a few hours.

So was hoping someone anyone who has tried and used the new ue4 mobile features… could tell me how the performance stacks up to previous versions.
Im super excited to test it myself. Shadows… omfg man… shadows. That is awesome.

Hows performance on lower end mobiles? Has this improved?

Engine better update now i am so amped.

Hi Nsomnia,
I was one of those GameJam Teams this month that couldn’t compile my game. The root cause was excessive file name size. With over 600+ over sized file names from Marketplace asset packs, I just flat didn’t have the time to develop a game a resolve out all those file name issues in 4 days time. I will probably have a compiled version of my game latter this month as it’s tricky work to rename assets inside of a project once it’s started (How do I know this, don’t ask!).

Just a note of clarification: It’s the large directory names causing the problem, not specifically the filename. My directory names are HUGE and they are causing engine failures.

One interesting side note,
I just installed the 4.9.1 engine and tried doing a test run of my Sept 2015 GameJam project. After recompiling the shaders, I got an impressive 3-4 FPS increase of the game speed IN THE EDITOR! Wow! Thanks Epic! I will try recompiling the game later this evening.

New Fresh 4.9.1 Project with no starter content, First Person template: First thing that popped up was a loaderror: Failed import fort SkeletalMeshComponent

I still have the aliasing issue like koola and the performance is still 15 to 20 FPS lower than on 4.83…

I still have the problem in 4.9.1 that if I compile one BP (which has a lot of childs) then one child turns dirty (so compile fails) and I have to open the BP of the child and compile it manually (then compiling works). It’s a cyclical dependency issue since in the child I am spawning an actor which is child of itself (child of the child of the parent) and store this actor reference in a variable of the parents type. I already got this bug in 4.8 and I really hoped these annoying cyclical dependency issues would be finally fixed in 4.9… :frowning:

Sadly,turning on DOF on metal enabled ios devices will still crashes the game in 4.9.1

Me too!

Still got this problem too (HUD DrawMaterial() unable to render translucent material).

Hi everyone,

Please keep in mind that hotfixes are typically for major crashes and bugs that are affecting large numbers of users. All bugs that were addressed within a hotfix are listed on the hotfix release notes. If you do not see a fix for specific bugs there, it is probably not going to be within that hotfix and either may be in a later hotfix or a later release build.

With that said, if you do have a bug or crash, please report it to the answerhub in the bug reports section. There is a link to the bug reports section in my signature.

We know Adam. We just want you to know what we are experiencing with our projects so the team at Epic has some more information to go one during their bug fixes.

Sadly,turning on DOF on metal enabled ios devices will still crashes the game in 4.9.1

Any information on that?Thanks!

Are you talking about LONG directory names? Like F:\Perforce\Nsomnia-PC-Workspace\SeptJam\Content\Blueprints\Widgets\HUD\mainHUD.uasset?

Hi Nsomnia,
I had even longer ones. The sad part was that many of the items the engine picked on weren’t even in use by my project, they where included in parts of assets packs that I didn’t use. Next time I plan on putting together my GameJam project and doing a compile right from the start to see where there are problems with the assets packs. While I was able to delete some of the stuff, other items where it use which made things problematic at best. And I did try to fix it which ended up killing the project at about 4pm. It took me another 4 hours to restore stuff back into working order in the editor but compiling it still down at this time.

Something else to keep in mind that when you have compile times in the 2+ hour range, you don’t have many tries at getting right on Sunday. Add to it the fact that it takes me 5+ hours to upload a GameJam project means that it has to be working for me at 3 MST time to make my deadlines. Of course, that’s part of the challenge of building a game that’s interesting. At least the good news is that I probably wouldn’t have that issue next month when it counts as I’ve learned that lesson this month. So it’s not all bad news. I did learn a bunch of cool stuff with level design so I’m still happy with the results. If you want, there is a developer video of the game I built at the following link.

Let me know what you think of the video as that’s all I am going to get for this months efforts. I thought I managed to get some really cool lighting effects on this project.

If you can’t cut the directory names length


a drive letter to the highest meaningful directory (ie. the projects dir) might be of great help.

Amazing, good work :D!!

Can someone clarify what “Rev Oculus SDK to 0.7 / 0.6.18” means?

Particularly the Rev. I have yet to update my Oculus runtime to 0.7 (still working on 0.6), because i’ve heard UE4.9 wasn’t yet fully compatible. Am I wrong? Would it be wise to update to 4.9.1 and runtime 0.7? Any performance gains?

With 4.9.1, we have updated the Oculus runtimes to 0.7.0 (Desktop) and 0.6.1 (Mobile)