Unreal Engine 4.9 Released!

After update to 4.9, the SCheckBox can’t works as before, I found that the source code of SCheckBox is different as before, but I haven’t find the method to make it works again. is there anyone knows how to fix this? Thank you!

Lot’s of Widget stuff seems to be broken in 4.9, and for some breakages there are no workarounds. A lot of this I suspect is due to the new Cached Widget stuff / Invalidation stuff.

Do we have any clue with 4.9.1 is coming out?

John, I’ve got a github account, how did you figure out that your issue has been resolved? Noob on git and wanted to learn how to follow development more closely. Thanks!

I also have huge problems with the 4.9 Release…

  1. Aliasing problem “the same one koola has alreday reported”
    2.Huge Performnace drop, First Person starter theme “blueprint” runs on 4.83 with constant 120 FPS and with 4.9 between 103 and 115 FPS.

Seeing much the same. One of my projects in 4.8.3 has a DRAW stat time of ~0.8 ms(recorded with STAT UNIT), the same project in 4.9 takes 2+ ms. I also saw a few 20-30 FPS lag spikes in the first 1-2 minutes after opening the editor.

I know 2 ms doesn’t seem like much, but it represents a ~250% increase in rendering time.

Would be interesting to know if this performnace drop is regular or just in combination on specific systems. Hopefully they fix it quick so we all can start working with 4.9…

Thank you!

Even though I was going to wait for a patch I decided to use it because I need some of the new features.

I been working on things from scratch so not a biggie at the moment.

My project is a fresh start in July 28 so it is not very advanced.

It does have some sort of stutter compared to 4.8.3 but over all I am doing ok with it.

Is it possible to turn OFF the Makefile system for UHT in 4.9? It’s actually causing me more problems than it’s solving. I have to do full rebuilds manually whenever I change a Header File now, and it also keeps warning me about not being able to find a [ProjectName].dll.response file.

I can’t post on Answerhub because it’s not loading for me either :frowning:

Hey John, are you talking about THIS BUG? Or is it some new, shiny one, but similar? :slight_smile:

Well, Stephen Ellis posted a link to the fix on github here:!&p=368774&viewfull=1#post368774 So you don’t need to learn how to use github, just read the forums here :wink:

It’s a new one, UE-20258.

When is 4.9.1 coming out? There’s a lot of bugs (mainly what others have been saying here, and also a bug where enum is not properly converted from byte to enum in blackboard, returns none instead), and keeps crashing a lot too. Patiently awaiting!

Just make sure you did post the bug reproduction whatever bug you have been waiting to be fixed - if no one actually logged the bug, then you may not see the fix in the next hotfix.

It’s very necessary to do longer and better previews; stable versions was supposed to be stable (I literally remember reading that from Epic). Of course, I understand a few bugs, but lately is coming to a point where stable versions seems like almost preview, with a lot of major bugs. Of course I don’t expect this to change from Epic, as the new features sells better than simple stability, I just will keep at least 1 version behind, just in case.

the problem its perhaps lots of bugs appears when the version its adopt by the greatest part of users. Perhaps need more betatesters.

Hi all,

We are working to release a Hotfix update to 4.9 this week. It will help to address a number of issues, but of course not everything. We’ll post here with the full scope when it’s available.


kwl thx Stephen Ellis, can’t wait.

good luck on squashing those bugs we need stable releases :wink:

Some more materials for Temporal AA Issue

Enhance support for mobile device is the best feature