Unreal engine 4.9 crashes when runing a game for VR


First I would like to clear out what is happening with me. I recently got Oculus Rift DK2, and I’ve installed the latest runtime 0.7 from oculus website. Yesterday I,ve downloaded the released version of unreal 4.9 and now I’m trying to test the game (first person) on my oculus. It was noticeable that one of the run/play option is (VR preview) so I’ve tried that out with the oculus connected. once clicking on play, a window pops up saying that unreal process has been crashed.

Please I need help for setting up the game to work on oculus. I’m kinda a beginner in this field.

The 0.7 Oculus drivers do not currently work with 4.9. Try using the 0.6 Oculus drivers instead of the 0.7 ones for now. We are waiting to see if the 0.7 Oculus drivers fixes some issues and if they do then we will hotfix 4.9 to work with the 0.7 Oculus drivers.